"Tell me, what's the worth of a womans' story to a DJ?"

Akua Naru
english (North Carolina/Köln)
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…the journey aflame (2011):

1. Intro

2. The Ride

3. The Backflip

4. Nag Champa Prelude

5. Nag Champa

6. Run Away

7. Tales of Men ft. African Footprint

8. The World Is Listening

9. The Wound ft. Blitz The Ambassador

10. The Block

11. Mo(u)rning

12. The Flame (Narulude)

13. The Jones ft. Mic Donet

14. Poetry: How Does It Feel?

15. Find Yourself

16. The Journey…

17. Rhyme-Writer’s High



Live & Aflame Sessions (2012):

1. Journey Enter: Live

2. Take A Ride

3. The Backflip: Reflipped

4. Nag Champa Gold

5. Tales of (Wo)men

6. This Mo(u)rning ft. Drea d’Nur

7. Poetry: How Does It Feel Now???

8. Walking The Block ft. Drea d’Nur

9. The Journey: Aflame

10. Rhyme Ryder’s High

11. Journey Exit: Aflame



The Miner’s Canary (2015):

1. The Mine

2. Heard

3. Canary Dreams ft. Cody ChesnuTT

4. Seraphim ft. Fetsum

5. The Dark

6. (Black&) Blues People ft. Christian Scott

7. Boom Bap Back ft. Dynasty & Sa Roc

8. Mr. Brownskin ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow

9. Sugar Honey Ice Tea ft. Ahrel Lumzy

10. Untitled (Asé)

11. Toni Morrison

12. Oh Beauty

13. The Flight

14. Falling

15. One Woman with/ft. Dr. Tricia Rose

16. Fly ft. Ben L’Oncle Soul





Tales Of Men (2009):



The Backflip (2010):



The World Is Listening (2010):



Heard (2015):



(features Mad Rush & D Phunk) No Matter (March 2015):



freestyle and live:


The Life & Aflame Sessions (May ‚till June 2012):

Tales of (Wo)men

Walking The Block ft. Drea d’Nur

The Backflip: Reflipped

Poetry: How Does It Feel

The Journey… Aflame

Nag Champa Gold

Mo(u)rning ft. Drea d’Nur


Akua Naru on africology (March, 11th, 2011):



[sous-titré en francais] Tired and happy after a concert, her voice is calm and rough – listen to what matters to Akua. short interview on Hip Open Webzine, december 1, 2013:



„Akua Naru Makes Spoken Soul Music for the People“ Interview with MTVIggy’s Minna Zhou, February 2015: mtviggy.com/articles/akua-naru-the-miners-canary-spoken-soul-music-2015-interview