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As part of the West Philly Sound Crew [that she cofounded], Bahamadia was a house DJ in the early 80s. In the late 90s she hosted a hip hop radio show in her hometown Philadelphia… and in 2008 her performance made the stage at the WeB*Girls festival in Berlin become legendary (at least to me). Also, Bahamadia is the boss of her own hip hop label B-Girl Freedom.

Funky Vibes (1993) [independent, single]


(features Jazzmatazz/Guru) Respect The Architect (1995)


Kollage (1996):

1. Intro

2. WordPlay

3. Spontaneity

4. Rugged Ruff

5. Interlude

6. I Confess


8. Interlude

9. Total Wreck

10. Innovation

11. Da Jawn

12. Interlude

13. True Honey Buns (Dat Freak Sh*t)

14. 3 Tha Hard Way

15. Biggest Part of Me

16. Path To Rhythm


(features Sweetback) Au Natural (1996)


(features The Roots) Push Up Ya Lighter (1996)


(features MC Lyte, Nonchalant & Yo-Yo) Keep On Pushin‘ (1997)


(features Boogiemonsters) Say Word (1997)


(features Roni Size) New Forms (1997)


(ft. Nicki D., Paula Perry, Rah Digga, Heather B. Precious P) Six Pack (1998)


(features Army of the Pharaohs) Five Perfect Exertions (1998)


(ft Talib Kweli) Chaos (1999)


(features the Herbaliser) When I Shine (1999)


(features Status Quo & Concise)  Plead the Fifth (7“; 1999)


(with Mathematik) Following Goals (12“; 1999)


BB Queen (2000):

1. BB Queens Intro

2. Special Forces

3. Commonwealth (Cheap Chicks)

4. One Four Teen (Funky For You)

5. Philadelphia

6. Beautiful Things

7. Pep Talk


(features Jedi Mind tricks ft Esosteric) Exertions (remix, 2000)


(features Morcheeba) Good Girl Down (2000)


(features M-Flo) EXPO EXPO (2001)


(features Princess Superstar) Too Much Weight (2001)


(features Erykah Badu, Queen Latifah & Angie Stone) Love of My Life (2003)


(features Chops) B-Girl Session (12“, 2003)


(features Zap Mama) Show Me the Way (2004)


Good Rap Music (2006):

1. Good Rap Music

2. Real Love

3. Serious part I

4. Buck Season

5. Culture Cut

6. Reign Prelude

7. Reign

8. Fun

9. Serious part II

10. Good Rap Improv

11. Glory

12. Thank You


(features DJ Deckstream) Still Here (2007)


(features Statik Selektah) Do what I Believe (2009)


(features Hezekiah & Talib Kweli) Fired Up (2010)


(features beatboxer Felix Zenger) Connect (2011)


(features Gods’illa, MC Lyte & Monie Love, hosted by Erykah Badu aka DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown) You Don’t Have to Be a Star (2011)


Dialed Up (2013)


Total Wreck (1994):




(features Big Kap, Lauryn Hill, Precise, Treep & Uneek) Da Ladies In Da House (1995):


(features K-Swift & Mecca Star) 3 Tha Hard Way (1996):


True Honey Buns (1996):


I Confess (1996):


(features Vivian Sessoms) Towa Tei – Happy (1996):



video interview @ Zoltanradio1, Thessaloniki/Greece, 22.05.2010:


Interview in the clutch magazine (April 1, 2008 by RIF RAF):


’93 ‚till infinity: deutschsprachiges Interview auf,10. April 2008: