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Run, Catch, Kill (1994)



Born Gangstaz (1993):

1. Intro: A Call From Mom

2. Deeper

3. Comin‘ To Getcha

4. Mai Sista Izza Bitch

5. Thelma & Louise

6, Drive By

7. Progress of Elimination

8. Livin‘ Loc’d

9. Recipe Of A Hoe

10. A Blind Date With Boss

11. Catch A Bad One

12. Born Gansta

13. 1-800-Body-Bags

14. Diary Of A Mad Bitch

15. 2 To Da Head

16. I Don’t Give A Fuck

17. Outro: A Call From Dad



Deeper (1993):



Run, Catch, Kill (1994)



Boss means „Bitch of Some Shit.“ Watch the unquestioned deal of referring to female MCs… Interview with Fab 5 Freddy at Yo! MTV Raps, 1993:


„When Feminism Looks Like A Boss Bitch“ – a rather up-to-date review of Boss’s career, wrapped together with sympathy by Charing Ball (People, Places, Things), May 2014: