Cookie Crew
english (Clapham/South London)
years active: 1983 - 1992 profile on discogs
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London Clapham’s Cookie Crew, thats MC Remedee and Suzie Q., a rap duo from London who were active and waving in the late 1980s.


Along with the Wee Papa Girl Rappers, the Cookie Crew gives another early example of why all-female rap crews from the UK are a sure recipe! With Monie Love we then count five very successful MCs from the UK speaking up from her side who were internationally successful even before 1990. BratataBAM!


Rok Da House (1987)


Females [Get On Up] (12“, 1987)


Born This Way (1989):

1. Yo! What’s Up

2. From The South

3. Come On And Get Some

4. Pick Up On This

5. Feelin‘ Proud

6. Bad Girls (Rock The Spot)

7. Got To Keep On

8. Born This Way

9. Black Is The Word

10. Places And Spaces For Your Mind

11. Rhymes And Careers

12. Dazzle’s Theme

13. Got To Keep On (B-Boy Mix)

14. Places And Spaces (Mellow Mix)



Got To Keep On [B-Side: Pick Up On This] (12“, 1989)

Come On and Get Some (12“, 1989)



Fade To Black (1991):

1. Secrets (Of Success)

2. Love Will Bring Us Together

3. Fade To Black

4. Mysteries

5. The Powers Of Positive Thinking

6. Mental Maniac

7. Watch The Cookies Crumble ‚Em

8. Going Freestyle

9. A Word To The Conscious

10. How Long (Has This Been Going On)

11. Here We Go

12. Like Brother Like Sister

13. Time 2b What We Wanna Be

14. Secrets (Of Success) (Cooks Mix)


Secrets [Of Success] (12“, 1991)

Love Will Bring Us Back Together (12“, 1991)

Brother Like Sister (12“, 1992)

Got To Keep On (1989):


Got To Keep On Live @ Top Of The Pops (1989):


Born This Way (1989):


Secrets (Of Success) (1991):


Live (undated):

printed article in Anattitude Magazine #3 (2008):


Raw Blue Cheese TV in 2012 catches up with MC Remedee to learn about her central Hip Hop moments from the retrospective – which is for her a studio experience with DJ Premier and Ganstarr: 

and the same with second band member Suzie Q, recalling how they first met Lisa Lee and Afrika Bambaataa on an early UK Hip Hop show and embarrassed themselves in a sweet way…: