"even with broken wings I'm still fly as a bird" (On The Search)

D.S. Sense
english (Detroit)
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Those who go deep do not show up on the surface too often. D.S. Sense, chant her name out loud and you’ll get a first impression of Deirdra’s subtle ways and depths.


The essence of rap – here put in no nutshell but shaped through the conscience, personality and voice of a Detroit local artist – will sure not be televised. Nevertheless, the sensible MC considers herself a broadcaster with the mission to contribute to a global knowledge of local issues and problems. Its that classic motive of rap that makes her lyrics thrive – as well as her decent talent of course.


And again: honest around all edges, those rhymes ain’t empty but worth following through. She def wouldn’t do this for a decade if it wasn’t for something to be said. So, unwrap your ears, get sensitive and go for it.


The slogan „support your local street artist“ isn’t just a phrase here. There is Insite the Riot, Mahagony Jones and other companions spitting fire on that level in Detroit with Invincible reppin‘ it internationally. Guess big D city’s underground is underscored and under-explored on too many levels!?!


While she introduced herself as Deidra Smith in 2006 with her first longplayer Start Up Money, my first encounter with D.S. Sense went through her feature in the Cold Men Young collaboration Spit It. Meanwhile she published another album in 2013, the Space Audissey. Check Rebirth as a recommendation. It’ll hit you – get a refresh!




singles / features:

(features Cold Men Young) Spit It (2010)


Start Up Money (2006):

1. Intro

2. Start Up Money

3. My World

4. Fruit Loopz

5. Y’all Ain’t Ready

6. Draw the Line

7. Hot Lava

8. Free

9. Ebony Complexion

10. Honey Lover

11. 100 Xs Badder

12. Never Realize

13. Electric

14. In Her City Blues

15. Ambition



D.S. Sense (2008):

1. Fall and Crumble

2. I Feel

3. Love, I Don’t Know

4. On the Search

5. How You’ve Changed

6. Clever ft. Miz Korona

7. On and On

8. You Ain’t Gotta ft. AI Incredible

9. New Day



Space Audissey (2013):

1. Ridicuolous / Hello Good Morning

2. Space Audissey

3. Down for the Block ft. Blk Smith & Heather J.

4. Just a Little Something

5. Chicago, Toronto

6. Get in the Flow (Technique)

7. Milky Way

8. Special Way ft. K.J. Sanders

9. Calm Down

10. Narly Tubular

11. Ooh (When He Says Demo)

12. Hold You Down

13. Rebirth

14. Chucks Laced Up ft. Sheefy Mc Fly

15. The Grand Femmale ft. Piper Carter, Brittany Danielle, Insite The Riot & Kalimah Johnson

16. bonus track: Narly Tubular (Sheeffy Mc Fly Taut remix)

17. bonus track: Narly Tubular (Black Bethoven’s Universe remix)





D.S. Sense – On The Search (2008):




freetsyles, live & else:


Much More“ – a Detroit Saturday Cypher with Insite The Riot, D.S.Sense, Mahogany Jones, and Nique LoveRhodes. (2014)



aufschlussreiches lokales Interview zum Hintergrund der Musikerin: Detroit, Vorbilder, Überzeugungen. On the category of ‚female rap‘: „One cannot represent so many. It’s impossible!“(2014)