"never get over it - walk right through."

Dutch ReBelle
english / Creole (Boston, Massachusetts)
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Well, first of all: Dutch the ReBelle has very interesting opinions, like, ways and styles. She’s working from Boston, originates from Haiti and is married to the music, as she states, because she thinks that she’s „trouble“ and „not good for anybody.“


I first got to know her from the worthwhile mtv rapfix contribution to the women’s history month, 2014 where she was introduced as one of the future (female) MCs along with the voices of Lee Mazin, Nyemiah Supreme and G.L.A.M. I memorized her for her raw, or may I say concrete approach.


So far there is two mixtapes, Beauty vs The Beast (2010), and ReBelle Diaries (2014), as well as the 2012 EP Married to the Music that by the way definitely serves not only to proof her abilities but also as a comforting and inspiring longplayer that definitely can be put on the shuffle and repeat in your portable music device.  And as she’s setting new goals with every accomplishment we cannot forecast how far her creativity, skills and ease will carry her…



Beauty vs. The Beast (mxtp, 2010):

1. Pass That Dutch, freestyle

2. Woman’s Intuition

3. Clouds

4. Bad Chick

5. Broken

6. Jay-Z Song Cry, freestyle

7. Off The Books

8. This Time

9. I’m Ill

10. Beantown Shit

11. Major Lazor – Pon De Floor, ReBelle mix

12. Tipsy ft. Cam’Phlahj

13. Wrong

14. Cozy

15. Wishing Well

16. Outro – Ketchup, freestyle

17. Bonus Track: Changes ft. Cam’Phlahj & J Roy

18. Bosnus Track: Leve Kampe (Get up Stand up) Letter To Haiti




Married to the Music (EP, 2012):

1. The Vow

2. Stop It!

3. Sunday Morning ft. Amandi

4. Potty Training ft. Real P., Reks & Iyadonna

5. Street Love ft. Tania

6. Anthem

7. Freddie (Set it off)

8. Runaway Bride

9. Ammo ft. RasBeans

10. N.A.S. (Not A Stoner)



ReBelle Diaries (2014):

1. Morning

2. Meant for Me ft. Lisa Bello

3. YEN ft. Millyz

4. Love Is ft. Mel Moae

5. No Less

6. Reclyne ft. 360

7. Afternoon

8. I Know

9. Goddess

10. Stop It ft. Fred the Godson

11. Night (Interlude)

12. All On Me ft. Amandi & Mel Monae

13. Some Things

14. Gone



No Stems (2017):

1. I Can’t

2. Young O.G

3. Stripper ft. 6ixLayne & Prince Smooth

4. Not Sleeping

5. Miss Me

6. Koopa

7. Is This Love

8. Pretty Girls

9. Willin‘



Beantown Ish / Ketchup (2011):



(featuring Amandi) Sunday Morning (Dec 2012):



Freddie (Jan 2014; off her 2012’s Married to the Music EP):



Love Is (Feb 2014):



Yen (Apr 2014):



(featuring Fred The Godson) Stop It (Sept 2014):



Goddess (Oct 2014):



No Less (Nove 2014):



(featuring 360) Recline (March 2015):



I Know (August 2015):



Watchu Like (November 2015):



Mix It Up (March 2016):






(features Nat Anglin) City Kids (Apr 2014):



(features Termanology & Wais P) Photoshoot Fresh (Dec 2014)


(features Jon Price & Wally Sparks) All For The Bean (Mar 2013)


(features Nat Anglin) Follow’Em (Feb 2013)


(features Tania) Get Away (Septe 2012)



freestyle, live and else:


„Ya yo, it’s your favorite nobody, the black rose!“ the MeStyle Fridays / Dedication Series with DutchRebelle. – I call that „bedroom productions“- girls build themselves a stage (all around 2010/11):


#first installment: the Black Mags freestyle

#1: to 9 th Wonder – Alright

#2: over Johnny Juliano

#3: „Boulderz“ over Fat Joe’s That White

#4: over Young Problemz‘ Boi (I got so many)

#5: over Kulis‘ Milkshake


#7: TVP

#8:“So Major!

#9: Real P



#12: Marcy