"rappin' for all the girls and the ladies across the world/ ... /  we're growing and getting better each day you see us blooming? / ... / rock it around the globe and building our own movement" (Back to the Basics)

english (Queens, NYC)
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„see, I come from the same place where stars are born / I mean I’m talking about the same streets Nas was on / back in the days on the Boulevard / my butt on the corner stone I’m posted up chillin‘ / the only girl in the cypher I was killin‘ / little tomboy was a full grown villain / it ain’t nothing changed the scenario the same / still burry these dudes in the graves they dig it / – get it“ Dynasty represents her origins. (Supadynasty)


At this side of the pond Ya Girl DY planted her roots in the zones of Jakarta records which makes her colleagues with Yarah Bravo and MC Melodee. The Queens bred MC left her home NYC for several tours and visits in Europe over the last years and built a stable crowd in Poland, the Czech Republic, germs, and France.

She released her debut longplayer „A Star In Life’s Clothing“ in 2013, really worth listening through, charming, and getting deeper on the second h_ear. Features and coop include: Talib Kwali and DJ Premier.

Productionwise I recommend more volume than a pair of earplugs and a subwoover equipped car for the finale Supadynasty „this beat is so hard / and is about to be molested.“


Dynasty is on point with her wordplay, catching you laughing out loudly on a public transport ride or even while cleaning the floors at work. And she’s no less serious about her delivery – flow and message contain a certain pressure that is meant to push things, away or forward, or just back in place. Her subtle version of empowered womanhood is delightful as is her taste – in music, people, words, and ways.




Dreampusher (mxtp, 2010):

1. Intro

2. Femcee

3. Microphone

4. Original ft. Laws

5. Magnificent

6. I’m Bad

7. Vintage Futuristic Pt. 3 ft. Funkghost

8. Feel Good

9. Love Is A Losing Game

10. Beautiful Music ft. Ron Marks and Jinx

11. One Life To Live ft. Mike Mass

12. Get Down ft. Tek of Smif N Wessun

13. We Got This ft. Hop & Blue Legacy

14. Slow Down ft. Aych

15. Pushin’

16. Land Of The Sun

17. You Make Me Feel Alive

18. Exhibit D.Y.



The Love EP (2011):

1. If You

2. Feelin So

3. Can We Go There ft. J’Nelle

4. Make It Last ft. Steelo & Shime

5. Forever



A Star In Life’s Clothing (2014):

1. Stay Shinin‘ ft. Talib Kwali

2. Magnificent

3. Street Music ft. DJ Premier

4. Somebody Told Me

5. Happiness ft. Mike Mass

6. Days I’ve Never Known ft. Koi

7. Sweet Music

8. Body Heat ft. Hometown Hero

9. After Laughter

10. Star And Sky ft. Skyzoo

11. Im.Possible

12. Sign Of Times

13. She’s A Star Interlude

14. Supadynasty



Epic Dynasty (with DJ Premier, 2011):



One Life To Live (featuring Mike Mass; January first, 2012):



Stay Shinin‘ (featuring Talib Kwali; January first, 2013):



Magnificent (European Tour, June 2013)

with a little xtra attention you’ll reckognize Yarah Bravo and Temmy Ton in the Crowds.:



Supadynasty (September 2013):

...wondering how the Berlin scenario impresses on the opposite shore of the A Ocean.


Sweet Music (October 2013):



(with DJ Premier) Street Music (Dec 2013):



Back To The Basics (May 2014)

features DJ Glo …and who’s DAT girl!? seriously: 9 years on earth and rocking a verse next to up and coming Dynasty Ya Girl Dy: that would be Paris‘ homegrown MissDJGlo. Check the transgenerational and transatlantic bond among two aspiring women MCs:



After Laughter (August 2014):



(featuring Skyzoo) Star and the Sky (January first, 2015):



(featuring Eliana) Be (Sep 2016):



The Lord (Oct 2017):





Dynasty toured the more Eastern European stages a couple of times. Here’s an interview with 40Kilo Pytan (subtitled in Polish; 2014): youtube.com/watch?v=hrq2Q40CmxQ