"Never give them power over your appearance!" (Younique)

EJ von Lyric
english / afrikaans (Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town & Johannesburg, South Africa)
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Method In The Madness (2008):

1. Vibes

2. Flight Ova Many Cities

3. Fuss N Fight

4. Living My Dreams ft. Claire Phillips

5. Freedom In A Cage ft. Teba

6. High Voltage Interlude

7. Goldmine ft. Dform

8. Show Me Nothing

9. This One ft. DJ Azuhl

10. Signs Of The Times ft. Burni Aman

11. Retrospect

12. Open Your Eyes



The Human Condition (2010):

1. You

2. Such A Load Off

3. She’s Got A Gun

4. Goodthing

5. Girl On A Poster

6. Never Kill the Fire

7. Idiot Box

8. Soul

9. Don’t Let Your Feelings

10. Heartbreak Love

11. Fools

12. They Go Crazy

13. The Law

14. DejaVu



Idiot Box (2011):



Freedom in a Cage (2008):



(features Jack Parow) Ons Behoort Mos Saam (2011):



Runaway (2013):




freestyle, live & else:


„My heart beats the percussion“: droppin‘ some bars and representin‘ from her studio with Cape Town’s DJ Raggasouljah aka Dubmasta China: youtube.com/watch?v=0iYTjOIZBDE


EJ shares some new songs with Haarlem105 radio during her recent Netherland Tour, May 2015:

Conquerer: youtube.com/watch?v=lLWmcMd_T00




(featuring bFake & DJ DNA) Take a Breath live @ TAC Eindhoven, Netherlands, May 2015:



this „Promo VIdeo“ provides you with a summary of her musical past and where she’d been up to 2010, including some rare and precious live footage: