"I refuse to be subordinate!"

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Writing about those artists who mean the most to me isn’t easy. You need to know: Eternia is one of my first and dearest. When I got so lucky to see her live on stage in 2008 I instantly was overwhelmed and cried of excitement. Part of it could go back to her energetic presence, her deep, loud voice, that resonates quite intensively in my chest.

Though what still strikes me the most with Eternia is her relentless honesty about the cost we pay for being independent as ordinary straight women who live to make this world our own.


„You never see what I see yo /
You never see that unless you was me yo /

Ladies never loose who you be yo
never loose sight always be free yo!“ (Control, off It’s Called Life)


Her writing is very biographic, based on personal experience. Based on deep disappointment, frustration and the blunt abuse of her vulnerabilities and longings, of her desire for freedom and love. For some that might be too personal, too intimate.  But once you feel how she steps from that on a more general perspective you learn a lesson about female HipHop: in our case, being real means to reveal spheres of our live others might be privileged to disclose as „private“, as the last bastion against life’s hardship: intimate relationships. For some of us, however, they’re the very heart of danger as much as they might be the target of our last longing. Struggling with all that as a central contradiction of a woman’s live and being open about it: that’s Eternia. Writing rhymes about being abused and raped, about abortion and the awareness how such details of our biographies devalue us culturally and socially in the eyes of a possible future male partner (To the Future), without ever wailing: that’s Eternia; swearing at haters without ever hating: that’s Eternia; claiming a room of her own (Goodbye): that’s Eternia. She is: Honest Independence.


Independent as an artist: based in Toronto and New York, well known in several hiphop communities, touring worldwide, releasing several tapes and two studio albums (It’s Called LIfe and At Last), launching the „my favorite rapper wears a skirt campaign„, being saluted to by MC Lyte for her dynamic stage performance, the MC never went in chart wise. Because she never tried. Because she never felt the urge to do so. Because she wants to run her own business. Because she celebrates live concerts, jam sessions and the street life. And the freedom to write whatever she feels like.


Reading this contribution it’s more than obvious: I am a fan, identifying, admiring, celebrating. A fan of this strong persona who left home early as a teenager, moving to New York, diving in the scene, being one of the boys, realizing she’ll never be one of them, who later graduated from college, who survived sexual violence, who participated in girls education programs against sexual abuse as an activist, who is outspoken, who is a writer, who is a rapper, who is one of my favorites, who sometimes wears a skirt.




Sorrow Song (2002)


It’s Called Life (2005):

1. Truth

2. Evidence

3. Hate

4. Beef

5. Family (featuring Helixx C & DJ Dopey)

6. Time

7. Control

8. Understand (If I) (featuring Freestyle)

9. Balance

10. Death

11. Love (featuring Jessica Kaya)

12. „Struggle“ (featuring Wordsworth & Kenn Starr)

13. Girls

14. Inspiration

15. Bang

16. Bonus



Where I Been – The Collection (mixed by DJ Law, Re-Release 2005):

1. Greeting

2. Arcane Exclusive

3. BKLYN Masala Exclusive

4. Da Bichez (with Apathy)

5. Real Frequenzy Drop – Jake One

6. God’s Story (featuring Big O)

7. Moments

8. Moments Remix

9. Stereotypes (with MC Collizhun)

10. Sirhot Exclusive

11. Just The Way It Is (with Classified)

12. Work It Out

13. Travis (Interlude)

14. Understand If I (with Freestyle of the Arsonists)

15. Understand If I (featuring Freestyle – Remix)

16. Word

17. Leave

18. Papercutz

19. Spring Fever

20. Victorious (with G-Knight & DJ Merciless)

21. Up & Down (with Cesar Comanche & 9th Wonder)

22. Everything (produced by 9th Wonder)

23. Spit Just 4 U

24. That’s Wsup (yor123 & scaandali exclusive) with Tona

25. It’s Gonna Be Cold

26. Movin‘ (with A-Love)

27. hangar 18 (Interlude)

28. Sorrow Song Remix

29. Sunshine



Where I’m At – The Setup (mixed by DJ Law, 2007):

1. Greeting

2. The Setup

3. Do This Like Me

4. Do This Like Me (remix)

5. Homebase (featuring Nick Fury & Freestyle)

6. Home (featuring Chase Money)

7. Like A Boy

8. Perfection (with Promise & Grimace Love)

9. Putcha Hands Up (featuring Wordsworth)

10. On & On

11. You Ain’t Real (produced by M-Phazes)

12. Many Many

13. Brand New Day (Longshot Exclusive)

14. Northside ’07

15. The Mega (produced by M-Phazes)

16. Upgrade U

17. Nowhere No More ft. Torae (produced by 9th Wonder)

18. Ladies &Gentlemen (featuring Polyrhythm Addicts)

19. Dinner Is Served

20. Throw Some D’s

21. Kenn Starr Interlude

22. Struggle (featuring Wordsworth & Kenn Starr)

23. Hold On

24. MVP (Toya Alexis Exclusive)

25 Omar Interlude

26. On Blast (Jessica Kaya Exclusive)



(features Sirhot) First Turkish Rapper [Ilk Türk Rapci] (2005/2007)


(features J Bru) What R We Doin (2007)


(features JJ. Brown & Miz Metro) Gender Bender (2009)


(features Snowgoons & Pyranja) The Spell (2009)



Get Caught Up (mixed by DJ Law, 2009):

1. Re-Introducing

2. Dynomite (2005)

3. Foul Child (2009)

4. Stuck Up (2000)

5. Spring Fever (2003),

6. Real Frequency (2003)

7. God’s Story (2004)

8. Perfection (2004)

9. Day In The Life (featuring Maestro Fresh Wes & Tona (Prod. by MoSS)

10. Victorious

11. Destiny (Unreleased 2007)

12. On & On

13. Balance (2004)

14. Everything (2004)

15. Herstory (unreleased 2008)

16. Let Go (Outro)



(Eternia & MoSS) At Last (2010):

1. The Intro

2. Any Man

3. 32 Bars

4. It’s Funny (featuring Joell Ortiz)

5. The BBQ (featuring Rah Digga and Rage)

6. Pass That

7. To The Past

8. The Half

9. Played Out (featuring Jessica Kaya

10. To The Future

11. Dear Mr. Bacardi

12. At Last (featuring Termanology & Reef The Lost Cauze)

13. Day In The Life (featuring Tona & Maestro Fresh Wes)

14. Catch Me

15. Good Bye



One Love (Extended Remix) (2011)


(featuring pHoenix Pagliacci) Final Offering (2013)


Scraps (November 2014)


Broken Language, Remix (2018)






(with theIDEA project) GYPSY (August 2014)


(features Range Da Messenga) The Letter (2013)



Sorrow Song (2002):



(features Classified, DL Incognito & Maestro) Just The Way It Is (2003):



Evidence (2007):



(featuring Jessica Kaya) Love (2006):



(featuring Wordsworth and Kenn Starr) Struggle (2006):



(featuring Freestyle) Please Understand (If I) (2006):



(features J Bru) What R We Doin (2008):



(features Kaya) On Blast (2008):



(featuring JJ. Brown & Miz Metro) Gender Bender (2009):



(& MoSS) Goodbye (2010):



(& MoSS featuring Termanology & Reef The Lost Cauze) At Last (2010):



(& MoSS) To The Future (2011):



(featurung pHoenix Pagliacci) Final Offering (august 2013):



Day & Night (February 2016):



(with Tara Chase & pHoenix Paglacci) For This Life (Sep 2016):



freestyle, live & else:


Sie umschließt den Kopf des Mikrofons zärtlich aber fest mit ihrer hand, umschließt es sanft mit ihrem Mund und bearbeitet es hart mit ihrem Zungenspiel: That’s how you fuck  – words and L*ve. Eternia live at the #Bigticket, Toronto (January 2014): vimeo.com/84735268


Eternia & The Band headlined the Tinderbox Music Festival at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, New York, 2011: hiphopcanada.com/2011/09/eternia-the-band-played-out-ft-range-live-video/


Eternia with DJ Boo NY in their Queens Chronicles 1-3, live in New York and more (2010-2011):

part one: youtube.com/watch?v=TKR5oJTqm3Y

part two: Meet the neighbours: youtube.com/watch?v=3YqViigKhiI

part three: Words are power: youtube.com/watch?v=ccFZIRAICzQ




Eternia and MoSS: the Road To Release series through 2009:


Wrestlemania in Queens: Eternia and MoSS road to release #1:


The Setup: Eternia and MoSS road to release #2:


Live in Brooklyn: Eternia and MoSS road to release #3:


Live at Lyricist Lounge: Eternia and MoSS road to release #4:


Where Is The Leak? with Marco Polo & Tolae, Eternia and MoSS road to release #5:


Makin‘ Grown Men Cry: Eternia and MoSS road to release #6:


Quilombo! with Bocafloja: Eternia and MoSS road to release #7 (july 2009):


Safe-Sex in Bed-Stuy: Eternia and MoSS road to release #9 (august 2009):


Meet The Band: Eternia and MoSS road to release #10 (august 2009):



(featuring MC Lyte & Jean Grae) R.I.P. to FEMALE EMCEES: Eternia and MoSS road to release #11 (september 2009):



Midwest State of Mind: Eternia and MoSS road to release #12 (october 2009):


Meet MoSS: Eternia and MoSS road to release #13 (november 2009):


(featuring KRS One) MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know: Eternia and MoSS road to release #14 (february 2010):







Big Ticket artist of the month: Eternia, August 19, 2013:



Femcee Files: GangStarrGirl.com Interviews Eternia, 2011:



„Sexism doesn’t seem to get people up in arms, especially in hip-hop.“ (Interview, this magazine, July 9, 2010 by Jesse Mintz and Natalie Samson): this.org/blog/2010/07/09/interview-rapper-eternia/


Printed article: Eternia Feature in Anattitude Magazine #4, 2009:



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Eternia on The 411 Initiative Girls Tour ft Masia One (2009):