"Long live the rugged female!" (All Glocks Down)

Heather B.
english (Jersey City)

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In the case of Heather B. the deal is as authentic as it gets. Take her crew, her production, her flow, the location and her time: flawless. The first years, like from the late 1980s to the mid 90s, Heather B is part of the Brooklyn based pioneering Boogie Down Productions (BDP) crew. As the co-founder and core member of that crew, KRS-One produced a lot of her early titles while Kenny Parker, his brother, was in charge for production of Heather’s first album Takin‘ Mine. Da Beatminerz are prominent in her production, too. And her collaboration with DJ Premier leads quite from the beginning through her second album Eternal Affairs up to today.

Down the road Heather B released more than a dozen of 12 inch singles and a number of music videos that fit perfectly in my imagination of the ‚old school‘ of HipHop. Another one underrated (marketwise) – though well respected (in the game).


Don’t Hold Us Back (off the H.E.A.L. project’s Civilisation vs Technology compilation, 1991)


I Get Wreck/Get A Job (12“, 1992)


100 Heads (12“, no release date, not on label)


All Glocks Down (12“, 1995)


No Doubt/Sending Em Back (12“, 1995)


(Heather B. aka Misunderstood) The Real Ruff & Rugged/One To One (12“, 1995)


If Headz Only Knew (12“ promo, 1996)


Takin‘ Mine/My Kinda N*gga (12“, 1996)


Do You (12“, 1997)


(featuring Ajax) Cloud 9 (12“, 1997)


(with Nikki D, Paula Perry, Rah Digga, Precious P and Bahamadia) Six Pack (1998)


Guilty (12“, 2000)



Takin‘ Mine (1996):

1. Da Heartbreaka

2. All Glocks Down

3. If Headz Only Knew

4. My Kinda N*gga ft M.O.P.

5. Takin‘ Mine

6. Mad Bent

7. Sendin ‚Em Back

8. No Doubt

9. Real Niggaz Up

10. What Goes On



Eternal Affairs (2002):

1. Live MC

2. Steady Rockin‘ ft. Twyla

3.One Life ft. Horse

4. You Goin‘ Down

5. Gotta Love Me

6. Nobody Knows You

7. Eternal Affairs

8. What She Don’t Know

9. I Will Never Change

10. More Than the Music ft. Nature

11. Dedicated ft. Pete Rock

12. Young, Gifted & Black





I Get Wreck (1992):



All Glocks Down (1995):


If Headz Only Knew (1996):



(featuring M.O.P.) My Kinda N*gga (1996):



Do You (1997):



Live MC (2001):




freestyle, live & else:


Heather B on the radio: here’s a real freestyle, live on air, Heather B in a duett with Snoop Lion on the Shade 45 morning show she hosts together with Sway, April 30th, 2013: youtube.com/watch?v=sYuLCv5hBsE


Later that year comes Maino on Sway’s Morning Show, interviewing Heather B, who seems to be mimicking Minaj on her last Power fm Breakfast Club interview last year. Hilarious, August 2013: youtube.com/watch?v=7EjIJF02xs0