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Whest Ghost: recommended pink mixtape, featured by Allen Stone, Eligh and Grieves. West Cost: K.Flay studied sociology and psychology at Stanford, California. East: raised close to Chicago, she now lives in NYC and finally lets her music be the main focus. South: by south west (sxsw). A festival, like, the music festival in the US, Austin, Texas. K. has been performing here since her early days (musically that would be 2009/2010), meaning 4 years in a row now. North: until only the day before yesterday I thought K.Flay was from Canada. Somehow the clip for „Less Than Zero“ (off I stopped Caring in ’96) made me think that.


„Stop stop stop making me live like this!“ says it’s chorus and somehow frames the landscape of Flay’s lyrics. They seem to be about a certain boredom, maybe emptiness and frustration, maybe cynicism with a live and people, where things usually seem to be ok: white, middle class, destined for higher education…but critical, but rebel, but conscious of misogyny. I guess the label would be ‚Indie‘.


…and DIY too. K.Flay is not solely rhyming on beats but building most of those beats. bedroom produced, her music was always as good as her technical skills in music production. as with her rhyming, practice and effort showing results, things are growing and are taken quite seriously now, also by the professional audience (industry, media, other rap-artists). DIY 2: Music videos are shot by friends. I also recommend watching the video documentations from her various live-sets, as I think that here you get a good impression of who you’re dealing with and how she defines herself – despite the lack of many stereotypical attributes  – a rap artist.



Mashed Potatoes (mxtp, 2009):

1. ON the bridge

2. boom boom KUNG FU

3. CRAZYtown

4. heavy CROSS OUT

5. miniVANS ft Eligh

6. love in this CLUB MED

7. supa dupa FLYING

8. MONEYmakerZ

9. LOCKDOWN ft Zumbi

10. paper planes & SPITBALLS ft MC Lars

11. crack a VANILLA COKE

12. NO ignorance


(with MC Lars) Single and Famous (2009):

1. Running Trains

2. It’s A Party Y’all

3. Altered States

4. The Game

5. We Fresh

6. Somebody’s Watching Me

7. Single and Famous


K.Flay EP (2010):

1. No Duh

2. Messin With My Head

3. So Fast, So Maybe

4. Anywhere But Here

5. Acetaminophen


I Stopped Caring in ’96 (mxtp, april 2011):


Volume One

1. Nothing At All

2. Less Than Zero

3. Waiting

Volume Two

1. Doctor Don’t Know

2. Mason Jar

3. Danger Starts

Volume Three

1. Elle Fanning


3. Free n Easy


Eyes Shut (EP, 2012):


1. 10th Ave

2. Stop, Focus

3. Sunburn

4. We Hate Everyone

5. Easy Fix


West Ghost (mxtp, february 2013):

1. Don’t Wait Up

2. Fleas Navidad

3. Fvcking Crazy ft. Eligh & Grieves

4. Another Round

5. The Cops

6. West Ghost ft Allen Stone

7. No

8. You Say

9. Appetite For Consumption


What If It Is (EP, august 2013):

1. Rawks

2. Hail Mary ft Danny Brown

3. Starf❊❊❊Er

4. So What

5. The Cops



Life As A Dog (2014):

1. Everyone I Know

2. Make Me Fade

3. Can’t Sleep

4. Wishing It Was You

5. Fever

6. Bad Things

7. I’m Good

8. Turn It Around

9. Thicker Than Dust

10. Time For You

11. Get It Right



Crush Me EP (2016):

1. Blood In The Cut

2. Hollywood Forever

3. Dreamers

4. You Felt Right



Every Where Is Some Where (2017):

1. Dreamers

2. Giver

3. Blood In The Cut

4. Champagne

5. HIgh Enough

6. Black Wave

7. Mean It

8. Hollywood Forever

9. The President Has a Sex Tape

10. It’s Just a Lot

11. You Felt Right

12. Slow March



online single releases and remixs:


2 Weak (2011):



(with Young The Giant) My Body – K.Flay Remix (2012):



(featuring MC Lars) Single and Famous (2009):



(features Zion I) Coastin‘ (2009):



Party (April 2011):



Doctor Don’t Know (April 2011):



Less Than Zero (March 2012):



We Hate Everyone (January 2012):



(with Felix Cartal) Rest Your Mind (August 2012):



The Cops (March 2013):



Rawks (2013):



Make Me Fade (2014):



Thicker Than Dust (2014):



Can’t Sleep (2015):



FML (May 2016):




Blood In The Cut (summer sweet ’16):



Black Wave (2017):



High Enough (May 2017):



Giver (Fall 2017):




freestyle, live and else:


You Felt Right (live acoustic session):



Audiotree live studio session, february 21, 2013:



Ex’pression Session (Emeryville, CA, october 13th, 2012):



selected live cuts (2011):



Carry On (K.Flay Acoustic, 2009):





Interview in Back Beat Seattle, by Dagmar January 23, 2011:



„K. Flay on Money, Education and Why She’s Okay With Having No Street Cred“ – interview with the Rolling Stone magazine, by Oscar Raymundo, March 9, 2012


K.Flay got trapped in a major label deal for over three years. She eventually managed herself out of that situation and reorganized to become an independent artist again. In 2014 she raised money from her fanbase to finally produce a studio album and succeeded in getting that money together way faster than she expected. I think we really wanted this to happen! Kerry Ware got to portrait K.Flay after the album came out on tour and in somewhat humble and sweet interview sequences, 2014: vimeo.com/106652709