Lady Chann
english/Patois (London)
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(featuring Flowdan) Knowledge (June 2015):


(featuring Benny Page) I Duppy Riddim (June 2014):


Feel Calm (2012):


Imma Boss [Mind Ya Step] Street video @GreezieTV (February 2012):


(featuring DJ Swerve, Chann and Blacks/prod. Marco del Horno) Just Rewind (January 2012):



Equilibrium/Informer (2011):


Sticky Situation (2011):


(features Lovelle) Uh Oh! (2011):


Treble To Your Base (February 2011):


(featuring South Rakkaz Crew & Killa Queenz) Double Up (January 2010):



freestyle, live & else:


freestyle at Toddla T’s BBC1Xtra Show, 2015:


GreezieTV Supathug freestyle with Shizzle (Feb 2013):


freestyle @ Maintenance Media (May 2012):


PureentTV Freestyle (April 2012):


live @ Madd Raff (2012):


(features Lykez, Lady Leshurr & Envy): live @ Ladyfest 2010:


Freestyle @ Toddla T V (2009):





Noisey presents Lady Chann part 1of 3, live @ Life Brighton (april 2012):

Noisey presents Lady Chann part 2of 3, Lady Chann Run England (april 2012):

Noisey presents Lady Chann part 3of 3, Sticky Situation (april 2012):


MTV Wrap Up Interview, by Loukia Constantinou, wednesday 02/01/2012:


“Obviously I am born and raised in England so my influences are British. The slang I use on a day to day basis is English street slang. […] I will incorporate certain words and put them in a Jamaican accent. At the end of the day the crowd that are listening to me are English so they need to be able to understand and relate to what I am saying.” interview on by Robin Murray, Friday, 25 february 2011


Interview ft Toddla T @ AKA Channel/Don’t watch that TV (2010)


The Guardian, New band of the day – Lady Chann (No767); friday, 16 april 2010, by Paul Lester: