"I feel like the industry doesn't deserve me."

Little Simz
english (London)
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E.D.G.E (EP, June 2014):

1. Desire ft Jimi Nxir

2. Enter The Void

3. On The Edge

4. Devour

5. E.D.G.E ft Josh Arcé & Chuck20 / Age 101

6. Saur-Renity Rap-Tiles

7. Quest Luv ft. Tilla

8. Stay

9. The Hamptons

10. Mandarin Oranges Part 2

11. Time Travels ft. Tilla, Chuck20 x Josh Arcé
Bonus Tracks

12. Bars Simzson

13. Mandarin Oranges f/ Waldo



AGE 101: Drop 1 (mni EP, August 2014)

1. Homosapiens vs. Aliens

2. AGE 101 – director’s cut

3. Have I

4. Sleep Paralysis ft. Emerson Brooks


Age 101: Drop 2 (mni EP, September 2014)

1. The Square

2. Starry Eyed

3. Look In My Eyes

4. Peace Of Mind

5. Josh Arcé – By The Way, Aliens Won


Age 101: Drop 3|000 (Dec 2014):

1. No Introduction

2. Closer

3. Frozen

4. Circles

5. Intervention

6. Used To Know


Age 101: Drop 4 (May 2015):

1. Is This Freedom?

2. Don’t Ruin It

3. Sit Tight

4. Heart Said ft. Tiffany Gouché

5. Top Down ft. Kent Jamz

6. Guess Who ft. Tilla, Josh Arcé &Chuck20

7. Mist ft. Tilla



A Curious Tale of Trials + Persons (2015):

1. Persons

2. Wings

3. The Light

4. Tainted

5. Gratitude ft. The Hics

6. God Bless Mary

7. Dead Body

8. Full Or Empty

9. This Is Not An Outro

10. Fallen





Stratosphere 1&2 (2010-2011)

XYZed (2013)

Blank Canvas (2013)













(featuring Chuckz & Joker) Don’t Like the Look (2010):


(featuring Joel Baker) End Of The Road (netvideo, February 2012):



Catoon & Cerial (January first, 2013):



(featuring Chuck20 and Remus) Marilyn Monroe (February 2013):



Deranged (October 2013):



Bars Simzson (June 2014):



The Square [shot 101] (October 2014):



Intervention (February 2015):



(featuring Tilla, Josh Arcé & Chuck20) Guess Who (May 2015):



Dead Body (2015):



(features Kent Jamz) Top Down (May 2015)


(features The Hics) Gratitude (December 2015):



Picture Perfect (February 2017):



Good For What (October 2017): youtube.com/watch?v=GNwCcxZcDds



freestyle, live & else:


This is a solid piece to get to know the twenty years old LIttle Simz: persuading Charlie Sloth on her first gig spitting Fire in the booth, BBC OneXtra, June 2014: youtube.com/watch?v=RSigEOKWwAo


A crowd chanting her lyrics in a second she lost track: Little Simz stages her song „The Hamptons“ and graduates in The Rinse Sessions, October 2014: youtube.com/watch?v=-VftBbmauOE


Love in the key of E.T acoustic performance for Worn My Way by Puma, coming together with a short interview within a lot of product placement. Still: some statements are worth bearing the adds, October 2013.


Joker Gang Freestyle, Little Simz with Rae Chucks, Feb 2012.






When Little Simz released her EP E.D.G.E she didn’t settle her release party for anything less than: New York City, the BKLYN house. And the best of it: they knew who she was and went mad. The little talk with her in the background of that stay is a nice portrait of her calm and ease. June 2014: youtube.com/watch?v=4D30qHdZ9Fw


When performing at the Canada Music Week in Toronto, Little Simz gave an interview, discussing the scene in London and the concept of „Stolen From Africa“. (May 2014)