Lost Souljah
english (London, UK)
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Get Gassed (EP, 2014)

1. Mic Check

2. Gorillas in the Mist

3. So Wavey

4. Get Gassed



(with DJ Sunship) Sunship vs Lost Souljah (2015):

1. Lighter

2. Skinny Bitch

3. Psycho (Extended Mix)

4. Bust It (Q Block Mix)

5. Psycho (Dub Mix)

6. Bust It



the beat is borrowed off Ghetts. the bars are unborrowed hers, 2016:



Mic Check (September 2014):



(Spuck auf Rechts S2#17) Worldwide (November 2013):




freestyle, live & else:


Souljah @ Fire In The Streets (August 2014):



(with Mic Righteous) at BBCs Burban in the Booth (2013):