"We love to be in the basement!"

Lucy Love
english, dansk (København)
superbillion on fcbk
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Another L chapter (remember – there ain’t such thing as too many elles): Lucy was introduced to me by Too Funk SistazSinaya. She (Sinaya) said something like: „what I like about her (Lucy) is that she seems to not give a damn shit about what others think. She wears and performs whatever she likes, too. Many women in rap don’t do that. We are too afraid of what others might think and of embarrassing ourselves.“ According to that attributes to LL could be ‚distinct‘, and ‚brave‘. hmm, let’s say avantgarde (only once, promised).


The first bit I heard was Poison and it blew me. Not only because someone had puked into my heart just recently at that time, so that the lyrics spoke right through me as I literally felt poisoned. That’s actually true. But no: I was drawn somewhere I haven’t been before – through a spiral. And that is what is to be said first about Lucy Love: she runs her own universe. And by that, I don’t mean her being running her own label Superbillion, which she is, too. What I’m trying to say is that she runs a lot of borders. She is a Grenzgängerin, so to speak (in german). Soundwise for sure, as she spans the gap of dance music and HipHop. But also with her visions and styles as well as with her approach to the music-business. „Everything I do is hands on, like Do It Yourself“, she claims in an interview (Grunge Cake, see below).


Graphics are important to her he|art. You’ll see that with the extensive video productions that constitute a big share in their production. Also, Lucy Love – as a band, not to forget the producer Yo Akim – put a lot of effort in their live shows: they pull off spacy outfits,  somehow queer. Also the lights are super central to their performances. Like that, they rocked stages from the Ladyfest Oslo to the South by South West in Texas (US). I feel them, Lucy: Love.



post scriptum: Lucy Love feels related to swedish Robyn, artwise and signed Linkoban to her label Superbillion last year.





Lucy Love EP (2008):


2. Ten Steps,

3. NO V.I.P.,

4. No V.I.P. OK Formula 4×4 Vocal Mix,

5. No V.I.P. Nico DeFrost & Dr. Dithmar Rmx,

6. Ten Steps Instrumental,

7. No V.I.P. Music Video


Superbillion (2009):

1. L.U.C.Y.L.O.V.E.

2. I’m In Love With It

3. No V.I.P.

4. Ten Steps

5. March

6. Wake Up

7. Darkest Hour

8. Daddy Was A DJ

9. Cliche

10. Alchemist


Kilo (2010):

1. Poison

2. Thunder

3. Monday

4. Dirty Sleazy

5. Who You Are

6. Unfreeze

7. Run Away

8. I’m A Rapper

9. Drug

10. Killer Catchy

11. End Of Time


Thunder (single, 2011)


We Are The Stars (2012)


(features Dismantle) Round Round (September 2013)


Desperate Days of Dynamite (2003):

1. Surrender

2. Prison

3. Colours

4. F4E

5. Powerless

6. Getting Loud

7. Lay Low

8. Take Me Back

9. No Scream and Shout

10. V


(woth Bottled in England) Keep It Heavy (February 2015)


and a lot of worthwile rmxs features and singles that also portray her artistic environment are to be found on her well taken care of soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/lucylovemc




No V.I.P. (2008):



Daddy Was A DJ (2009):



I’m In Love With It (2009):



Poison (2010):



Who You Are (2010):



Thunder (2011):



We Are The Stars (2012):



Prison (August 2013):



Take Me Back (November 2013):



Colours (2014):




freestyle, live & else:


I’m In Love With It – OK formula bassline rmx live (new years eve 2008/2009):



No V.I.P. live @ Lady fest Oslo (2009):



Lucy performs Who You Are & Dirty Sleezer live @ Store VEGA, Copenhagen (October 2011):



LL performing We Are The Stars on „Spil Dansk, Diva Show“ on Danish National TV DR1 (somwhere 2012):



this interview with Lucy and Linkoban on Grunge Cake is slow but quite amusing. It’s said to be done on the occasion of the Women’s History Month. They tell you how they work on a daily basis. Not the last thing I wanna know…march 2013 on vimeo.


On the radar: interview and portrait of Lucy. talking about her style and music: backgrounds and update right before the release of her third album Desperate Days Of Dynamite. by Sonja Nettelbladt, August 22., 2013: http://radarmagazine.se/music/interview/lucy-love/


It wouldn’t be British if it wasn’t for the hard bass remixes*** audio portrait and a chat with Lucy: Love in the studio with DJ Allbury, Rinse fm (big shout outs from day one. I learned so much from listening to your selections!) September 2011: https://soundcloud.com/lucylovemc/lucy-love-live-on-rinse-fm


Who ist Lucy Love? Yes, her Dad really was a DJ. Interview and audio portrait on the German radio Byte fm (deutsch-english, September 24, 2011): https://soundcloud.com/lucylovemc/lucy-love-interview-on-german


„Lucy Love and Linkoban talk Girl Power and beer drinking“ to the vibe magazine after performing at the South by South West in Austin, Texas, march 18, 2011:



ausführliches Interview mit anderen Fragen auf dem SPOT Festival in Dänemark (fastforward magazine deutschsprachig, by Sebastian Schelly, Juni 2011):



G! Festival GAFFA.TV interview med Lucy Love (danish spoken, 2010):