"Don't tell me to talk nice and stay pretty!" (Bahdgyal Bubble)

Michie Mee
english (Toronto, Canada/Jamaica)
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The Canadian MC was introduced to the HipHop audience at a concert of the Boogie Down Productions group – consisting of KRS-One, D-Nice and DJ Scott la Rock – in Toronto 1985.

Scott la Rock produced an all Canadian HipHop compilation titled Break’n Out in 1987 which featured Michie Mee’s first single Elements of Style/Run For Cover. At that time, she was only in her teens. She then teamed up with DJ LA Luv and they released their first studio album Jamaican Funk – Canadian Style in 1991. But eventually they split and Mee headed to persue a solo-career. For the next five years she toured North America, sharing stages with acts like Queen Latifah and Public Enemy.


Reading different biographic accounts about Michie Mee it seems like she is a pioneer, one of those who actually brought rap to Canada. Only after a certain time she obviously felt the need to search for inspiration in other things and genres. That’s how in the late 1990s she joined the rockband Raggadeath which was quite productive. Michie Mee even went forth after their ’natural death‘ with another heavy metal hiphop crossover project The Day After.

She also started acting and is looking back on a long list of roles in different movies and television shows.


Nevertheless, off the side-tracks and back on the main road she released a second solo rap album The First Cut Is The Deepest in the year 2000, featuring Chuck-D and Tara Chase among others with Don’t Wanna Be Your Slave as it’s lead single. And in winter 2013 she surprisingly raps a feature in the George Stroumboulopoulos x-mas special of Run DMC’s Christmas Holis, together with Eternia and many others. That’s how I finally got to know her.


And it wasn’t to late, considering Bahdgyal Bubble, a track she released this year, aged somewhere in her fourties (hot!) and it’s follower Standing Right Beside Him featuring JD Era, which sounds much cheesier from the title than as a track. Picking up the traces of dancehall and ragga – Mee migrated from Jamaica to Canada as a kid – she pushes power through the speakers like a young Gyal, only so much stronger.


As I never heard of Michie Mee, not until today, a grey december afternoon in late twentythirteen, this is about how much I can share. So please check all the background – informations and sources that are provided in this profile. It seems to me like she’s a very central figure in Canadian HipHop and also a good example how natural it was to be just a MC as a female in the 1980s. Tell me, hat happened to that!?!?!?



(with DJ LA Luv) Elements of Style/Run For Cover (12“, the duo’s first single, release date unknown between 1985 and 1988; produced by DJ Scott La Rock & KRS-One)


(with DJ LA Luv) Victory is Calling/On This Mic (12“ single, 1988)


(with DJ LA Luv) Jamaican Funk – Canadian Style (1991)

1. Prelude No. 1

2. Jamaican Funk Canadian Style

3. Kotch

4. Insecure Luva

5. Prelude No. 2

6. If Only They Knew

7. Prelude No. 3

8. All Night Stand

9. We’ve Arrived In America

10. L.A. Luv De Bout

11. You’re Feisty

12. A Portion From Up North

13. Canada Large

14. Get It Together (BonusTrack)

15. Jamaican Funk (BonusTrack)



The First Cut is The Deepest (2000):

1. Interlude: The Album ft. Chris Rouse

2. Ripped Mee Off

3. Don’t Wanna Be Your Slave ft. Esthero

4. Your Daughter

5. Time Is Now

6. Interlude: Uncle Nigel ft. Chris Rouse

7. I’m the One

8. Interlude: Spice This! ft. Kwamster

9. Love It or Leave It Alone ft. Tara Chase & Kwadwo Boateng

10. I’ll Call You

11. Still Here ft. Richie Lu

12. Fun Surround Dem

13. Lady Luck (The Darkside)

14. Interlude: Fakin‘ Jamaican ft. Kwamster

15. Cut Off (Unclean)

16. Interlude: Personal Assistant ft. Chris Rouse

17. Cover Girl

18. Interlude: Said Chuck ft. Chuck D

19. Free

20. Interlude: Outro

Cut Off (Clean) (hidden track)



(with Solitair & Saucrates) Drop The Beat (12“, 2000)


(with LA Luv) Jamaican Funk – Canadian Style (1991):



Cover Girl (1998):



Don’t Wann Be Your Slave (1999):



(with Raggadeath) Why Ask Why (1995):



(with Raggadeath) Dance With The Devil (1997):



(with The Day After) Break The Rules (2001):



(featuring Jenna) Say About Us (2009):



Bahdgyal Bubble (december 2012):



(featuring JD Era) Stand Right Beside Him (2013):




freestyle, live & else:

very early footage, live and in the studio, shot in the 1985-1988s. MC Lyte and KRS One are present in the sample, introducing and working with the young Michie Mee:



the Toronto first Rap City Cipher (footage goes to DJLaw, 1990):




In this CBC Radio interview Michie Mee recounts how she travelled to New York/Manhattan to enter the Latin Quarter with fake IDs to meet and proof KRS-One that a Canadian girl can spit and what becoming a mother meant to her career as a HipHop artist (2011): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFvB4neIFRU


this connect a dot’s throwback goes to Michie Mee, december 7th, 2011: http://www.connectdadot.com/2011/11/07/throwback-jamaican-funk-canadian-style-michie-mee-l-a-luv/


„Best Of Rap City ’92 -Michie Mee discusses her arrest for marijuana smuggling“: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROMjXyhQMVk