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Ms Jade had her hair done undercut in 2002!

Even a year earlier she had a promising start as a rapper, being supported by Nelly Furtado, Timbaland and Missy Elliott. But somehow Jade didn’t manage to either match expectations or establish herself independently on a permanent basis. So while her first Studio Album Girl Interrupted shows prominent features like Jay-Z and Lil Mo among those named earlier, nothing came to reaffirm the strong debut.

As we wont be able to confirm the rumors that are going around about possible reasons for that sudden stop of a promising career we wont reproduce it as gossip.

With a new mixtape called Straight No Chaser she shows that even ten years after she had been interrupted: didn’t stop, even progressed. My guess: 2014.


(features Nelly Furtado & Timbaland) Turn Off The Light (2001)


Girl Interrupted (2002):

1. Intro

2. Jade’s A Champ

3. She’s a Gansta

4. The Come Up

5. Ching Ching (featuring Nelly Furtado)

6. Get Away (featuring Nesh)

7. Ching Ching Part Two (featuring Timbaland)

8. Step Up

9. Interlude

10. Count It Off (featuring Jay-Z)

11. Really Don’t Want My Love (featuring Missy Elliott)

12. Dead Wrong (ft. Nate Dog)

13. Feel The Girl

14. Big Head

15. Different

16. Why U Tell Me That (featuring Lil‘ Mo)

17. Keep Your Head Up (featuring Nesh)


(features Slum Village & Raje Shwari) Disco (Timbaland Remix, 2002)
(features Missy Elliott) Funky Fresh Dressed (2002)
(features Pastor Troy & Timbaland) Are We Cuttin (2002)
(features Tweet) Sexual Healing (2003)
(features Beyoncé & Ciara) Diva (Official remix 2009)


Straight No Chaser (december 2012):

1. Intro

2. Run This Shit

3. Mercy

4. Rollin‘ Thru the Town

5. Check It

6. Phat Beat

7. Pity the Fool

8. Same damn Time

9. bang bang

10. Regular

11. Trombone City ft Styles P

12. Man Down ft Young Chris

13. Kiss Goodbye

14. The Whole Thing

15.  Old School

16. Violater CNN freestyle ft T.O.M.

17. New WU freestyle

18. U Wanna Go

19. OMG

20. Interlude

21. White Flag



chapter two – the come back:


(featuring Freestyle) Blowing Up (2010):


Pity The Fool (June 2012):


(with NIna Ross) Thelma & Louise (December 2013):


I Like It Like That (2014):


We Made It (2014):


(features Lee Mazin, Tiani Victorian & Leen Bean) Set It Off (summer 2014):



first career (2000-2003):


(features Nelly Furtado & Timbaland) Turn Off The Lights (2001):


(featuring Timbaland) Big Head (2002):


(featuring Timabaland & Nelly Furtado) Ching Ching 2002):


(features Pastor Troy & Timbaland) Are We Cuttin (2002):


(features Missy Elliott & Ludacris) Gossip Folks (2003):



freestyle, live & else:


Freestyle (2010):


Freestyle (2011):



When a female MC is taken seriously and asked more than the usual five questions: this one-hour radio feature on 15 Minutes Of Fame’s True Talk Sessions is a nice introduction to Ms. Jade. They talk her history and her current music, playing songs full time. Recommendes as a sunday morning at home session background story. August 2013:



the online program Women Of HipHop [WOHH] interviews Jade. here she talks in a respectful and clarifying manner about her early split from Timbaland and Elliott. In fact she seems much more down to earth and layed back compared to other interviews, also in terms of other women in the game and the state of female rap. Nice. July 2012:



pt.3: short freestyle:



Interview on NewFreeMixtape 1/3 (2009):


part 2/3:

part 3/3: