"I'm often the only girl in the cypher [...]. So I look forward seein' more chicks that are escorting me. There is more of us! What is really going on here?"

Nina B
english (NYC)

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Nina B runs with the indie label Ravenel Records, and just bonded with DJ and producer Jazzy Joyce. As an all female ’squad‘ they consider themselves proudly as Women On the Move. The young rapper stands out for her independent approach to her music career as well as for her focus on female empowerment within the rap game. To her, competing with other girls/women is a means for both sides to get better, the challenge of taking each other seriously a tool of empowerment.


In 2012 she looks back on a decade of practicing her lyrical skills, distributing her music in the streets and promoting her name. Locally she seems to be well respected, though a break through on the markets is still to come.

Titles Are Played Out (mxtp, produced by Jazzy Joyce 2012):


1. How Yall Want It ft Jon Conner

2. Hey Girl ft. Dylan

3. Shorty

4. Little Mama

5. Seven ONE eight (ft Skyzoo and Action Bronson)

6. No Regrets (ft. Torae)

7. Make Movies



The Bo$$tress 2 [B*tch I’m Back] (streettape/mxtp, 2011):


01.  The Intro
02.  You Know Who I Am
03.  Hottest Chick in the Game
04.  I’ Fly (ft. CurT@!n$)
05.  X-Man (Blog Version)
06.  Picture This (ft. Skyzoo)
07.  Where Did They Go
08.  You Got Me Like
09.  Popping (ft. J-Rock)
10.  Sky So Gray (ft. Torae)
11.  Street Talk to Me
12.  Out There on My Own
13.  The Only Exception
14.  The Outro



Remember Me – The Pay Attention Edition (mxtp, 2010):


1. Intro

2. Hottest Chick In The Game

3. Radio

4. Picture This

5. Fly

6. How I Met Nina B (Skit)

7. Blind Fold

8. Dream Killers

9. Call Me

10. I Get The Craziest

11. Party Here (let it go)

12. Lemonade (freestyle)

13. Bed Rock (freestyle)



The Real Rap Supreme (mxtp, 2008):


1. A Tree Grows
2. Never Going Back
3. Politics
4. In My Own Lane
5. Paper Touching
6. Lollipop
7. Rider
8. I’m My Own Fan
9. Hi Hater
10. Closer
11. Pay Homage
12. Paper
13. Hip Hop Saved Me


The Icon: Madonna Tribute Mashup (streettape/mxtp, february 2008):

1. Intro
2. Candy Shop
3. Material Girl
4. Into The Groove
5. New York
6. Come Together
7. Rap Star
8. Dress You Up
9. Lucky Star
10. Hollywood
11. Frozen
12. Hey You
13. Bad Girl
14. Outro
15. Bonus: 4 Minutes

(featuring Jon Connor) How Ya’ll Want It (august 2012):



How Ya’ll Want It (June 2012):



Out There on My Own (January 2012):



(featuring Skyzoo) Picture This (2011):



X-Man (2011):



Streets Talk To Me (2011):



Racks on Racks (May 2011):



You Know Who I am (January 2011):



I’m Fly (2009):



Politics (2008):



I’m My Own Fan (2008):



Stick ‚em up (2007):



In This Bitch (2007):




freestyle, lve & Else:


What’s Eating You? (acapella October 2012):



Tar Babies, a capella (September 2012):



The Boss Lady Cypher with Audra The Rapper, Nina B, Lady Luck & Rapsody, 2012:



Nina B @ BossLadyTV: Minute To The Top Freestyle (March 2012):



SOB to the Studio – A Capella (December 2011):



16 Bars for HOT16 (DJKhaled/BET, July 2007):




A casual talk with Nina B on independence and style:

Interview @ Convention Magazine, by @ShesRyan, April 2012:



For many females in the industry it’s quite hard to break in and remain a consistent threat.  I spoke with Nina B., a New York native emcee who talked about being an independent artist, femcees and more on her artistic structures for HitHipHop.com: Conducted on April 26, 2011:



written interview on the hiphopdiva blog, undated approx 2011:



Dee Vasquez in talk with Nina B and DJ Superstar Jay (2010):



Women On the Move event announcement, revealing some of her philosophy (March 2009).



The Real Rap Supreme MXTP trailer (October 2008):