"now they're callin' me a celebrity / but the only thing I give a damn about is my integrity." (Flower Child)

Nitty Scott, MC
english (born in Detroit, raised in Florida, graduated in Brooklyn/NYC)
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The Cassette Chronicles (mxtp, 2011):

1. Intro – Deep Cover

2. It’s Just us ft. Donwill

3. Is This Thing On ft. Outasight

4. Legends of the Game

5. To Tomorrow ft. Najee

6. Luv My Life

7. Work (Grustlin‘)

8. Here I Am

9. All HipHop Radio Freestyle 2

10. No Standing Here

11. FAF ft. Paris Jones

12. All HipHop Radio Freestyle 1

13. Time Is Running Out



The Boombox Diaries Vol.1 EP (2012)

1. Concrete Roses

2. H.O.T.

3. is This Thing On

4. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

5. Flower Child ft. Kendrick Lamar

6. No Standing Here

7. IllumiNitty

8. Dear Diary ft. Meagan McNeal

9. You Are My Favorite ft. Tiara Wiles

10. Auntie Maria’s Crib ft. Action Bronson & Kid Daytona

11. Skipping Clouds

12. A Beautiful Struggle ft. Soul Khan & Akie Bermiss



The Art of Chill (2014)

1. Wonderlust

2. Generation Now

3. Apex ft Ab Soul

4. Feng Shui ft. Eliki

5. Princess Celestia

6. Lilly of the Valley

7. Gone Girl

8. The Unlearning

9. Knowbody Knows

10. UFO

11. Pyrexxx Pink ft. Reg Regis

12. Return to Indigo

13. Little Sister ft. Rapper Big Pooh & Sam B

14. Still I Rise ft. Stacey Barthe

15. Afterglow





(features Add-2 / prod. Ricky Dubs) Partners In Rhyme (2014)


Tell Somebody (2011):



Bullshit Rap (2012):



Planes, Trains and Automobiles (2012):



Bath Salt (2013):



(featuring Kendrick Lamar) Flower Child (2013):



Skipping Clouds (2013):



(features CJ Fly, Chris Webby, and Smoke Dza) BLKDMNDS RAW Cypher (2014):



U.F.O. (2014):



Generation Now (2015):



(with No Panty: Bodega Bamz & Joell Ortiz) Hola (2016):



Pxssy Power (June 2017):



Diaspora (Summer 2017):






(features Esohel) Paid Dues (2012)


(features Megadon & Mr. Cheeks) World Premier (2013)


(features Mugga Boy) International (2014)


(with Chris Rivers & Whispers) I Just Wanna Rap (2015):




freestyle, live & else:


Monster Freestyle (2010)


freestyle in the streets of NYC (2011)


with Estelle, Lacrae and Soprano @ the BET HipHop Awards 2011 Cypher Nr. 5.


Hieroglyphics  (TCE, Jan 2016):



After the „Monster“ freestyle through which Nitty Scott introduced herself to the broader Hip Hop audience five years ago, she was invited to All Hip Hop Radio to represent. And she came in, and she talked and spit as if everybody already knew her and only needed to see how she progressed. Well, everybody seemed very impressed, I still am… All Hip Hop Radio Interview, 2010.


Like many other New York emcees, Nitty Scott took a ride with the team of Spit in Da Wip.  Listen how she ate that junkfood (2011).


The Kid French Interview: 2011 was the year for Nitty Scott, MC to introduce herself. Listen to the sweet Kid French giving all sorts of positive feedback to the young artist in that interview discussing her prospects and visions…


„I don’t want to be anybody’s first lady. I don’t want anybody to put their arm around me and say “She’s dope. Listen to her.” I’m not against a co-sign, but I want to stand on my own two feet. I want to be the face of my own movement.“ A written interview on the state of the artist back when the Boombox Diaries Vol. 1 where to get pushed.  respect-mag.com with Stephen Kearse, August 20, 2012.


„What does the Nitty Scott sound sound like?“ … „For right now, I’m just gonna call it street soul.“ A specialsundays girl on girl pre-show interview in the Boogie Downs, Bronx: 12min on actual music projects in summer 2012.


Claiming to have it all: we are all body and brain, so, everybody needs to wrap their thoughts and desires around that.  And this MC decided to no longer hide one aspect or the other just to comfort anyone. Watch and listen how Nitty speaks out about her body politics and the image that got built around her in the first years of her career in this rather monological interview with Ebro et al at Radio Hot 97 in January this year (2015):