"There's a lot of theater and feminism going on in what we do."

Northern State
english (New York)
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Northern State, that is seven years, three albums, prominent collabs and shows rocked by three university educated white women from New York City. Hesta, Spero and Sprout squat the not existing niche of, well white girl indie-rap.


„what’s a girl like me supposed to do?

just get on the mic you know you want to!

what’s a girl like me supposed to say?

I’m on the mic ‚cos I like it that way!“


Dying in Stereo, the song these lyrics are taken from and after which their first album was named shows proof that they have a place in the music. I see Northern State in the light of the riot grrl movement. They might have bridged a crowd from rap to Le Tigre, at least these two maybe commercially most successful riot grrl crews went on stage together some times. Also Le Tigre’s JD Samson did a remix of Northerns single Better Already which you will find here for download.




Dying in Stereo (2002):

1. A Thousand Words

2. Trinity

3. At The Party

4. The Man’s Dollar

5. Vicious Cycle

6. Signal Flow (You Can’t Fade Me)

7. All The Same

8. Dying In Stereo



All City (2004):

1. Ignite

2. Girl For All Seasons

3. Nice With It

4. Last Night

5. Think Twice

6. Don’t Look Down

7. Siren Song

8. Style I Bring

9. Time to Rhyme

10. Speaking For Me

11. Summer Never Ends



Can I Keep This Pen? (2007):

1. Mic Tester

2. Better Already

3. Oooh Girl

4. Mother May I? ft. Chuck Brody

5. Away Away

6. Good Distance

7. Iluvitwhenya

8. Sucka Mofo

9. Cold War

10. Run Off the Road

11. Things I’ll Do

12. Cowboy Man

13. Three Amigas“ ft. Murray Hill and A Beer

14. Fall Apart ft. Nachos and Kaki King




Better Already (2007):

Why so Fly – DVD promo with interviews (2008):



(francais/dubbed in french) Northern State featured on arte Tracks (2008):