"I'm not cool, I am fierce."

Warrior Queen
Patois/english (Kingston, Jamaica/London, UK)

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singles|online releases:

(with Sunship) Almighty Father (2004)

(with the Bug) Aktion Pak (2004)

(with ladybugug) Dem A Bomb We (2005)

(with Pressure) Money Honey (2005)

(with the Bug) Poison Dart (2007)

(with Kalbata) Shooting Range (2008)

(with Heatwave) Things Change (2008)

(with O.B.F. and Sis I-Leen) System Ruff/Stop Dem (12″, 2013)

(with Dub Gabriel and Dr. Israel via Destroy All Concepts) My Gun (7″, 2013)



(with Sarantis) More Than Money EP (2006):

1. More Than Money

2. Buffalo Gal Dub

3. Retaliate

4. Brother Kitano



(with Don Goliath) Step Up EP (2008):

1. Step Up

2. Mrs. U

3. By His Sword

4. Our Destinies



(with Self Evident via Cabeza) Too Hard free Ep (2012):


1.The Rent

2. No Man a Take





(features Schlachthofbronx) Slowine/Dickie Riddim (2012):



(features the Bug) Poison Dart (2007):



(features the Bug) Aktion Pak (2004):



(features Sunship) Almighty Father (2004):



Usually the Warrior Queen only shows her face to the media in rare occasions. XLR8R TV caught her with The Bug and let them talk ways and vibes after the release of Bugs 2008 album London Zoo: