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Harem, Üsküdar and Kadιköy are the names of three neighborhoods right at the southbank of the ‚Boğaz‘ (means throat/abyss, how locals call the Bosporus) on the Asian side of Ístanbul. Kadιköy and Kreuzberg (Berlin) are closely connected (not only but also) rapwise. Kreuzberg is a district in former West Berlin and it’s history is very much involved with the history of Turkish working class migration and racist exclusion in germany. At the same time the district’s culture is very much shaped by expressions of so called ’second‘ and ‚third generation‘ youth of Turkish and Kurdish descent. Turkish rap actually first started in neighborhoods like Kreuzberg in different cities in West Germany in the late eighties / early nineties and reached Turkey half a decade later.


The geopolitics and traditions cut short, Ayben is not from Kreuzberg but one of the pioneering MCs in Harem/Üsküdar/Kadιköy (Istanbul). She had her first contribution recorded in 2000, when her brother Ceza and Dr. Fuchs as Nefret taped Doğru Olan Zordur (‚It’s hard to be good‘) and she sang the backup vocals.

Soon after that she started rapping herself. „Üsküdar…kιzlar…Aybende… mikrofonde emin..“ (Üsküdar, girls, Ayben too is confident at the mic!“) was everything I understood from her first single Ayben’de. It was enough for me to follow her…


Like many other Turkish speaking rappers from Germany and Turkey, Ayben built relationships to artists and crowds in both countries. She had several shows in Kreuzberg, like for instance at the Beyond Belonging festival 2009 and furthermore recorded and performed together with Killa Hakan, Volkan T and Microphone Mafia.


Her solo album Sensin O finally came out in 2008, with a very unique sound and again strong features by Ceza, Fuat, Emrah Karaca, Killa Hakan, Esin Iris, and Fuchs. Philadelphia’s Ursula Rucker stands out with her contribution to Will We Ever Learn and I am still looking forward to find out how this collabo came to happen! Kork Bizden and Benim O where chosen as lead singles, both run the air…


Sound- and stylewise Ayben proofs to be very open and her music permeable to influences and sounds from different genres. That makes her music somewhat uncommon for the regular hip hop schooled ear. Or put in better words: she’s crossover, as she raps on guitars sometimes. To me this shows her personal bonds and passions revealing also what makes her blood run through …


Ok, I will leave you with that. But before, Roka has to be mentioned mutlaka! (imperative!) as she is not only the DJ and backup in many instances. She also is in charge for a bulk of the beatproduction behind Ceza and Ayben. Check: Roka Beat – Anatomy


by the way (bu arada), „kork bizden“ means „habt Angst vor uns!“
haydι çüss!



online releases:


(Emre Baransel ile) Yetenekoloji (2005?)

(Ceza ve Sahtιyan ile) Sagopa ve Koleraya Diss (2005?)

(with Roka) Underground (2005)

(Ceza, Alaturka Mavzer ve Emre Baransel ile) Kadιköy Acιl Bekler (2005?)

Beni Bana Sor (???)

Oluruna Bıraktım (???)

Günlerin Ağlak (2006)

(Killa Hakan ile) Işkencede acı çek sus (2009)

(Root Vibe ile) Eller Belde (2009)

(Born From Pain, Volkan T ve Mims ile) The Wolves Are Loose (2010/11?)

(Alaturka Mavzer, Killa Hakan,Volkan ve Sahtiyan ile) Baslιk Yok (???)

Sende Bilirsin (via Sokak Sanatι [means: Street Art], 2011)

(Hüseyin Karadayı Serkan Çare) Nihavend Longa (2011)

(Sayedar ila) Zafere Doğru (2013)

(Uran ila) Gözü Götürmeyen (2013)

Oha Dersin (2013)

Ne Çare (2013)

(Sansar Salvo ile) Büyü Part 2- Geçmiş & Gelecek (2014)





collabs / features:

(Nefret iie) Doğru Olan Zordur (2000)

(Ceza ile) Araba (2004)

(Ceza ile) Sinekler ve Beatler (2004)

(Fuat ile) Ayben’de (2005)

(Fuat ve Ceza ile) Illegal (2005)

(Aylın Aslım ile) Gelinlik Sarhoşluğu (Bana Ne) (2005)

(Casus ile) Mavi Ve Pembe (2006)

(Ceza ile) Şaşkın Oğlan (2006)

(Nil Karaibrahimgil ile) Peri (2006)

(Murat Uncuoğlu ve Hüsnü Şenlendirici ile) Şina Nari (2007)

(Ayça Işιldar ve Özlem Türay ile) Karaçalι (2008)

(Fuchs ile) Lalala (2008)



solo alben:


Sensin O (2008):

01. Benim O

02. (Ceza ile) Ruhun Gemisi

03. (Emrah Karaca ile) Raptiye Rap Rap

04. Varsa Gelsin

05. (Fuat ile) Çıkmaz Sokak

06. Bende Kalmadı Kal

07. Red Kit

08. Rüzgar Olmak

09. (Fuchs ile) Bu Böyle Olmaz

10. Kısmet

11. Dişi Köpek

12. (Ceza & Killa Hakan ile) Kork Bizden

13. (Ursula Rucker ile) Will We Ever Learn

14. Vakit Yok

15. (Esin İris, Meles & Rapizm Çağla ile) Tek Bileğiz

16. Aşk Olsun

17. Gözlerim Ağlar

18. (Esin İris ile) Ölüm Sessizliği

19. Adı Üsküdarlı


Rap Benim:



(featuring Casus) Mavi ve Pembe (2006):



(features Nil Karabrahimgil) Peri (2006):



Benim O (2008):



(featuring Ceza & Killa Hakan) Kork Bizden (2008):



(Ayça Işιldar ve Özlem Türay yle) Karaçalι Al Kızını Koy (2008):



(features Joker) Microphone Show (2015):




Başkan (2017):





freestyles, live & else:


Uran ve Ayben arabada Yerli Plaka freestyle yapiyorlar (2011):



Rap Rap at aTV canlι (2009):



Live @ MTV Türkiye (2009):



(featuring Ceza) Rudboy live @ kanalturk. Gecenin Rengi Canli (30.12.2008):



(Back Up: Roka) Aybende (live at hiphoplife booom, 28.05.2006):


(Back Up: Roka) Bu Senin Derdin (live at hiphoplife booom, 28.05.2006):



(features Ceza, Alaturka Mavzer ve Emre Baransel) Kadιköy Acιl Bekler (live Istanbul’da, 2005?)




Ayben Röportaj – MTV Türkiye (2009):



@ Saba Tümer’le Bu Gece (Haberturk), Ayben’in yeni Albümü ‚Sensin O‘ hakkinda konuşuyorlar, 28.05.2008 DEAD LINK:



Filausschnitt „Crossing the Bridge/Istanbul Hatırası – Köprüyü Geçmek“ (2005)DEAD LINK:


for a comprehensive archive of Ayben’s lyrics in Turkish go here: