"first things first I'll eat your brain!"(Monster)                       "I’m not a cocky person by nature." (Press Conference)

Nicki Minaj
english (Queens, NYC)
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The Dirty Money The Come Up DVD – Chapter (2007-2009):


Click Clack (The Come Up Vol. 11 – The Carter Edition):



Warning (music video plus statement, The Come Up Vol. 13 – Rockstar Edition, April 24, 2007):



Wuchoo Know (The Come Up Vol. 15 – Gangsta Grillz Edition, October 2007):



N.I.G.G.A.S. (The Come Up Vol. 16 – The NBA Live ’08 Edition, November 2007):



„this is just to get my nails done“ (The Come Up Stairhall Interview and some Bars:


a Dirty Money streetpresenter:




L’s choice on Nick’s abundant music video clips:


(featuring Lil Wayne) Higher Than A Kite (2008):



Massive Attack (2010):



Did It On Em (2011):



(featuring 2 Chainz) Beez In The Trap (2012):



Come On A Cone (2012):



Lookin Ass (directed by Nabil, 2014):



(featuring Drake & Lil Wayne) Only (December 2014):



with all the Bs and Ps she drops on the lower parts of that beat Nicki makes a point. and I don’t even care about the background story to that joint. as her spectral vocal personality covers the whole range of freeakuencies I simply reckognize.
(featuring Drake & Lil Wayne) No Frauds (April 2017):



Chun Li (May 2018):




she features her, girl bonding:


with Beyoncé – Feeling Myself (2015):



with Jessie J & Ariana Grande – Bang (2014):



with Ciara – I’m Out (2013):



with Alicia Keys – Girl On Fire (2012):



with Cassie – The Boys (2012):



with Rihanna – Fly (2011):



with Keyshia Cole – I Ain’t Thru (2010):




freestyle, live & else:


(with Buckshot and Crown Royyal) BET Cypher 2009:




ThisIs50 Interview, 2008:



Angela Yee – Lip Service: Nicki on stepping your pussy up and 5 possible alter characters (2009):



THE vlad.tv interview, 2009:

about: her label representation – youtube.com/watch?v=B9zZ6FWOsag

about: how she met Lil Wayne – youtube.com/watch?v=R49E6QSwuws

about: approaching Nicki Minaj – youtube.com/watch?v=bzdIcpo8XYc

about: business – youtube.com/watch?v=nPA7j2RKHII

about: inspiration – youtube.com/watch?v=jjNLBDDXU6E



Alan Carr Chatty Man: Interview with Nicki, staged as the show guest. Well, there is a lot of acting going on here. But Nicki gets to prove that her British is not limited (with a glottal stop) to few sentences. And the laughter is real! November 2, 2012: youtube.com/watch?v=HnJodvt3X68


The Passion of Nicki Minaj: The world’s biggest female rap superstar has meticulously crafted her own image — and maintained it with uncompromising control.” Read a sophisticated yet reflective portrait of Nicki Minaj, an attempt to look behind things as they appear, in The New York Times Magazine by Vanessa Grigoriadis. October 7, 2015.




features on power fm – Breakfast Club and beyond:


Press Conference: These twenty minutes go deeper than what we most here about her: the famous interview with Charlamagne Tha ‚God‘ of the 105.1 Power fm Breakfast Club which has exclusively been published as a track on the special edition of Roman Reloaded in April 2012. Nicki talks about her self concept as a business woman in the pop-industry, her thoughts on having kids and being independent, her goals as a rapper and her vision for women’s education and our social power. (audio):

part 1: youtube.com/watch?v=UYyOfiV9nqY

part 2: youtube.com/watch?v=1m_XY0SKHnc



Breakfast Club I:“This is family right here“, Breakfast Club Interview 105,1 power fm, 2012:



Breakfast Club II: Women being critical and assertive and who deny to discuss their sexuality in public are perceived as judgemental and „bitchy“ most of the time. Watch Nicki Minaj turn down that threat and take her right to be a powerful superstar at her second Breakfast Club Interview 105,1 power fm, 2013:




the Breakup: In 2014 Nicki and her longtime partner Safaree split up and ended their relationship after 10 years. As they never publicly celebrated their love due to career- related considerations, the breakup ironically becomes the occasion where certain journalists get to ask questions. Both, Nick and Safaree, show that this love is real and that they actually are really going through something. If you ever went through a breakup, you’ll recognize real, listening to them. Also, they both struggle with the tension of being loyal and feeling the need to stand their ground a show pride at the same time.

So, this is not gossip, but a sympathetic attestation that 1. a man can be the backbone to a women’s career and still be strong and proud, and 2. Nick is the kind and emotional person some of us want to see in her, and 3. the sexual performance of a rapper and their personal life are not the same. the former is part of their art, and this to me makes her even more amazing.


watch/listen to:

Nick in conversation with Angie Martinez (Dec 2014):


Safaree, giving his first interview in his own right, trusting the Breakfast Club’s team with the intimate and honest perspective of a proud man who knows the worth of his work (Jan 2015):



Interview with Funk Flex @ Hot97, August 2018: