"Unless you wanna lick my plum in the evening / and flick that tongue, tongue d-deep in / I guess that cunt getting eaten"

Azealia Banks
english (New York, Harlem)
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Azealia Banks and Nicki Minaj attended the same High School, the LaGuardia HS for Music and Arts, close to the Broadway in Manhattan/NYC.


With 212 in 2011 she made an impression suggesting some things new were to come.


We’ve been disappointed with her stupid ‚politics‘ around discrimination and her redundant styles.


Some worried for her sexual sell out.


I personally put her on mute, annoyed.


Still: she’s here. And I guess she wouldn’t be if she didn’t actually want something out of this.

L8R (2010):



212 ft Lazy Jay (2011):



Liquorice (2011):



(features Scissor Sisters) Shady Love (2012):



Heavy Metal and Reflective (August 2014):



The Big Big Beat (2016):