"I came on my own and I'll be leaving alone."

Baby Blue
english (London)
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Baby Blue started her rap-thing quite massively and at a young age: before she even had a mixtape out, her voice and bars were featuring uprising UK singer/rapper Estelle on whose debut album The 18th Day Blue had two parts. Also she collaborated with MCs like Shystie, Ms Dynamite, Nolay and Sway and the second mixtape Out Of The Blue Vol 2 happened to be quite successful. She is part of the Female Takeover in the UK and has a distinctive presence in their collabo projects Rock that Mic and Game Over.


In the last two years she produced a couple of singles (Double Up, Play, Paper Haters, Run), showing collabs with J2K and Scufizzer as well as with Wretch 32. Within the ‚industry‘, Baby Blue is respected for not giving up her aims and keeping on doing her thing.

Though I personally have to admit that I don’t understand the path she’s walking down this moment. She holds back an announced album for two years now, while  – to my opinion – simultaniously overconceptualizing her artistic profile [clips and interviews] in terms of styles and goals. I don’t really feel what she is doing lately.


Anyhow, there is an album to come up, lets see what it does to our ears and steps. And of whatever quality that output might be: without doubt has Baby Blue already been a figure in the first decade of UK’s second generation of rap, that to me is for sure.


(features Estelle and John Legend) Hey Girl (2004)

(features Estelle) 1980 (2004)


Out Of the Blue Vol 1 (2004):



1. Ace and Invisible (Intro)

2. Blue (featuring Estelle)

3. Mayhem Drop

4. I Wanna Be a Star

5. What You Do Is Wrong (featuring Estelle)

6. T-Ster (Skit)

7. Hold Me (features Eurogang)

8. I Woulda (featuring Miss J)

9. Military (featuring Juvenile Shady and Drastic)

10. Coinz Drop

11. United We Stand (features Bubba Smith and Mega)

12. Just Music

13. lalala

14. Drop (featuring Eurogang)

15. Eurogang (featuring Eurogang)

16. How Are You

17. No Strings (features Nio)

18. Encore (features Estelle)

19. Dreamin‘

20. Ace and invisible (Outro)



Out Of the Blue Vol 2 (2005):



1. Intro

2. Sometimes

3. Blow My Mind

4. Dreamin‘ parts 1 and 2

5. Love Story ’05

6. I’m a Hustler

7. I don’t Care

8. Sometimes (Soundboy Remix)

9. Only You (freestyle)

10. T-ster (interlude)

11. Roll Wid Us (features Akala)

12. I Still Don’t Care (ft. Sway, S.A.S., Bigz, Pyrell)

13. My Love (Remix) (ft. Sharifa)

14. Come Over Here (ft. Swiss)

15. A Good Man

16. Ace And Invisible Drop

17. Incisive (ft. J2K and Sway)

18. The World Will Know

19. Top of the World (ft. Bad Angel)

20. Want Me Back (ft. Sharifa)

21. Smilin‘

22. Outro

23. UK Chicks (ft. Michael Johnson)



(features Ms. Dynamite, Nolay and Shystie) Kick You Out remix (2006)



 Firefly Mixtape (2010):



1. Intro

2. Wait Your Turn Freestyle

3.Go Blue

4. Freestyling on 1Xtra

5. As We Enter (ft. J2K)

6. Say Something

7. sb.TV F64

8. Run Away (ft. Naye and Tee)

9. Exploding

10. Ace & Vis 1Xtra Interview & Forget about It

11. Take Me Back

12. On Fire

13. Ex-Girlfriend

14. I Still Don’t Care


(featuring Wretch 32) Run (2010)

Double Up (2010)

Play (2011)

Paper Haters (2011)

(featuring J2K &Scrufizzer) Paper Haters pt. 2 (2011)




(features Estelle) 1980/Don’t Talk (2004):



(features Mitchell Brothers, Nolay and Krush) My Brother (2006):



(features Madness & Sway) Sorry (2007):



Sometimes (2007):


You don’t need a man (2009):



sb.tv F64 [Female 64] (2010):



(featuring Wretch 32) Run (2010):


Fire in the Booth – BBC 1xtra (2010):



Double Up (2010):



(features UK female allstarz) Game Over – Female Takeover (2010):



linkup.TV Behind Barz Freestyle (January 2011):



(features Manny Norte, Sincere, Bigz & SAS) Give You My Number (2011):



(featuring J2K & Scrufizzer) Paper Haters pt 2 (2011):



Play (2011):



(with Leshurr, Mz Bratt, Lioness, A. Dot, The Grime Wave, DJ Cameo & Paperboy)

Who’s Dat (2011): youtube.com/watch?v=WzbuDaWD3Uw


(features UK female allstarz) Rock That Mic (2012):



Target (July 2012):



Bump (2013):





NBT Media meets Baby Blue, Interview, February 2011:


DWiTV Amplify Dot meets Baby Blue, November 2010:



Artist Bio @ The Situation (somewhere in 2005 or 06):