Brianna Perry
english (Miami, Florida)
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Doing her homework in the Poe Boy studios [Rick Ross/Flo Rida] after school from when she was a little kid: Miami’s 2012 BET nominee Brianna Perry is built to be a big deal. She embodies a certain southern rich but real style and is supported by Trina and Missy Elliott, who signed her at Goldmind Inc. for several years – and for the fun a fact: she performed at Lil Kim’s 37th birthday. Age wise she actually could be the daughter of either Elliott or Kim. Indeed she’s one voice of a third generation of females in rap in the United States. This generation enjoys quite some support from producers and MCs alike and they also seem to change the ‚there can only be one queen competition‘ (see the BossLady Cypher).


Brianna knows to rap. Her voice has got this certain pleasurable, cool timbre. And she knows to dance and style. But honestly: I’m sure there is more to that proclaimed Young Rich Bandit and Princess – as she labels herself – than is shown in the all too familiar frame of what she does at the moment. Don’t get me wrong: she obviously and clearly owns her body and appearance and I am sure it feels hell powerful and good to move as she does. I only hope the fact that her qualities are far too compatible won’t result in preventing her from becoming and being her possibly edgy self as a woman and hiphop/rap-artist.

Face Off (mxtp, december 2011):

1. Face Off Intro

2. Reality Show ft. Lyriq Tye

3. I’m Super Kim

4. Back Der

5. Marilyn Monroe ft. Wale

6. Slidin ft. Tierra Marie

7. Hey Hoe ft. Trina and Future

8. Tatoo

9. I Like That Boy ft Iceberg

10. Fly Kicks

11. Fell Off ft. Lyriq Tye

12. Never Too Late ft. Ghostwridah

13. Till It’s Over

14. Dear Hip Hop

15. Go Hard

16. Crack Like This

17. Dollas

18. Face Off Outro

19. Rack City (Bonus)

20. Brianna ft. J Cole (Bonus)

21. Love On Top (Bonus)



Symphony No. 9 (mxtp, november 2012):

1. 9

2. Keep Doin‘ It ft. Trina

3. Take My Breath (Snippet)

4. Dollar $ign$ ft. Future

5. Red Cup (Snippet)

6. Stay Here ft. Ray J (Snippet)

7. Alright ft. French Montana

8. Cars (Snippet)

9. Good ft Trey Songz

10. Status (Snippet)

11. Top Notch ft. Audio Push

12. Mascara Tears ft. T-Pain

13. All I Want

14. Hate Your Past

15. That Bitch


Symphony No. 9 – The B Collection (mxtp, march 2013):

1. 9

2. Keep Doing It ft. Trina

3. Take My Breath Away ft. Teyana Taylor

4. Dolla Signs ft. Future

5. Red Cup ft. Pusha T

6. Stay Here ft. Ray J

7. Alright ft. French Montana

8. Cars

9. Interlude

10. Good ft Trey Songz

11. Status

12. Top Notch ft. Audio Push

13. Mascara Tears ft. T-Pain

14. Hate Ya Past ft Victoria Monet

15. Oh You Mad ft. Alja

16. Get It Girl




(featuring Lee Mazin) TOB (Aug 2016):


(featuring Stacy Barthe) Something To Live For (2016):


One Dance Remix (summer 2016):


Shyne (Jun 2016):


Jack Beat (september 2013):


(featuring T Pain) Mascara Tears (july 2013):


Cars (june 2013):


9 (march 2013):


Back Der (june 2012):



Dear Hip Hop (april 2012):


(with Ghostwridah) Slight Work remix (march 2012):


(featuring Lyriq Tye) Reality Show (february 2012):


Marilyn Monroe (february 2012):


Stay Scheemin‘ (february 2012):


Fly Kicks (october 2011):


Is That Yo Chick (july 2011):


Ghetto Dance (july 2011):


Hate (2011):



freestyle, live & else:


performing live at Lil‘ Kim’s birthday (2011):


N***** In Paris photoshoot freestyle (2011):


Simone ‚BossLady‘ Amelia hosts the Reebock freestyle female cypher (february 2012)

Round One, featuring Nyemiah Supreme, Tiye Phoenix, L.A. and Brianna:


Invasion Radio ‚On Tha Spot‘ freestyle chez Boss Lady and DJ Green Lantern (2012):


Rap City freestyle (march 2012):