La Gale
français / al-ʿarabiyya (Lausanne, Suisse)
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Well, kinda obvious, but I can’t help but start with the obvious: La Gale is french for bile. I don’t know about other cultural meanings, but in german language the bile symbolises anger, rage and bitterness.

Music-wise La Gale is rooted in Punk. Birthwise she’s connected to the Libanon, while culturally she identifies with a certain protest-driven scene and sub|culture: against oppression. do not obey. self-organize. …transculturally speakin‘ she’s an alien to the rap-scene, but feels respected at the same time, as she stated in an interview with norient.

why rap? seems like simply because she wants to. No ‚I did nothing else since I was was a kid‘- background story, no sudden change of attitudes. La Gale started in 2007 and eventually released the eponymic album in 2012. This is to say: she spent five years on stages all over europe and showed proof of her commitment before she released the record.

Personally I experienced her stage performance as very serious. Somewhat self-rightous. But she’s definitely intoxicating. While french hiphop is known for it’s melancholic, often sombre ambience, Christian Pahud, behind the beats of La Gale, amplified this effect by channeling her rhymes with industrial, metallic, impulsive production.


La Gale (2012):

[ review des Albums: zytlos]

1. Trops de Temps

2. Tes Balafres

3. Passe ton chemin, fais ta vie

4. Frontières

5. Quand la justice…

6. Fantômes froids ft. Rynox, Obaké et Abstral

7. On mate sur les côtés

8. Comptez vos mots

9. La gueule de l’emploi

10. Un singe en hiver



Salem City Rockers (2015)

1. Nouvelle pandémie

2. Salem CIty Rockers

3. Petrodollars

4. Sous une rafale de pierres

5. Fantômes froids

6. El Chicano Theme

7. Qui m’aime me suive

8. 5000 km

9. Rubriques des chiens écrasés

10. Chiens galeux

11. Outro



Qui m’aime me suive (1er Avril 2015):


(featuring Paloma Pradal) Petrodollars (septembre 2015):



freestyle, live & else:


preliminary video-documentary in seven episodes that introduced La Gale before their album came out, realised by Patrice Rullier & Alexandre Bugnon [french] may – august 2012:

# 1 le disque:

# 2 Rynox, Chikano et le live:

# 3 Engagement:

# 4 De l’encre:

# 5 Opération libertad:

# 6 Le milieu rap:

# 7 Le printemps arabe:


live with Malikah in Genève (approximately late 2007/early 2008):

„Schmetterlinge inspirieren mich nicht“ podcast on norient (introduced in german, spoken in english) about the topics and issues in the lyrics of her first album La Gale, by Thomas Burkhalter and Simon Grab, May 12, 2012:


„La Gale du Rap“ – (french) artist introduction at French Music Academy, by Juliette Durand, April 25, 2013: