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english (Philadelphia/Detroit)
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Charli Baltimore has a history in rap that starts in the later half of the 1990s. Back then she associated with the rapper Biggie Smalls and put out her first pieces of work, the longplayer debut Cold As Ice that features major names like Da Brat, Lady of Rage, and Queen Pen (Thorough Sisters), and her first single Money.

After that only a handful of singles hit the surface in the early 2000s. Though they were solid in terms of cooperation, as with her local peer Eve, (Philly’s Finest), and RnB star Ashanti (Let It Rain) and though they really fit the styles and ways of that time, these outputs couldn’t bring her far.

Then, due to an unfortunate deal she made with a major label that poorly managed her music Charli Baltimore almost disappeared from the picture for the following decade.


Anyway, in 2012 she reached out from Pennsylvania to Michigan and built a new relationship with Detroit’s Trick Trick. Together they founded their independent label B.M.B that is supposed to carry Baltimore’s comeback. From that base they also signed and manage some up-and-coming artists like L Streetz from Chicago, who by the way grew up in Shawnna’s camp.

So far, Charli put Hard 2 Kill on the plate, a mixtape packed with reps, introducing her new milieu, with BMB as it’s lead.







Thorough Bitches (featuring Da Brat, Queen Pen, Lady of Rage, Gangsta Boo & Scarlet; 12″, 1999)

Philly’s Finest (featuring Eve, 12″ 2002)

(features Ashanti, Ja Rule and Hussein Fatal) Rain On Me (rmx, 2003):




Cold As Ice (debut album, 1999):

1. Intro

2. Angel’s Dust

3. Stand Up

4. Keep It Real

5. Pull The Alarm

6. Everybody Wanna Know

7. Welcome To The Tunnel (Interlude)

8. M*** F*** Don’t Want It

9. Pimp Da 1 U Love

10. Feel It

11. Money

12. Thorough Sisters

13. Imamous

14. They

15. Say Your Prayers (Interlude)

16. Have It All

17. NBC

18. Making Love

19. Wake Up B*** (Interlude)

20. 30 Miles From Baltimore

21. Anyway You Want It

22. Outro



Hard 2 Kill (mxtp, 2013):

1. BMB ft. Trick Trick

2. I Be ft. L Streetz

3. 1 Queen

4. Hunnids ft. Trick Trick and Cash Paid

5. Rated M

6. Used 2 ft. India

7. Goodbye ft. India

8. The 1 ft. Mel

9. Queen 2 Be

10. You Ain’t Gangsta ft. L Streetz and June E

11. Gettin It ft. Cash Paid and Marley





Money (first single, 1998):


(featuring Ghostface Killah) Stand Up (1999):



(features Ashanti, Ja Rule and Hussein Fatal) Rain On Me (rmx, 2003):


(with Trick Trick) B.M.B (2013):


Charli Baltimore and Trick Trick talk their professionelles at the Power fm Breakfast Club, August 2013:



„My personal life overshadowed a lot of my music, which is kinda sad because I know for a fact that I can write really well.“ Quote: interview by Paul Arnold, december 2011.