"cause it ain't 'where you from' / is 'where did you get'?!"

Lady Of Rage
english (Farmville, Virginia/NYC/L.A./Ontario, California)
years active ca: 1989-1999
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Necessary Roughness (1997):

1. Riot (Intro)

2. Necessary Roughness ft. 2Pac and Kevin Vernado

3. Big Bad Lady

4. Sho Shot

5. No Shorts

6. Get With Da Wickedness (Flow Like That) – Remix

7. Raw Deal

8. Breakdown

9. Rough Rugged & Raw ft. Dat N* Daz and Snoop Dog

10. Super Supreme

11. Some Shit

12. Microphone Pon Cok

13. Get With Da Wickedness (Flow Like That)

14. Confessions





(features Charli Baltimore, Da Brat, Queen Pen, Gangsta Boo & Scarlet) Thorough Bitches (1999)





(with the Dogg Pound and Dr. Dre) Puffin‘ On Blunts (1992):



Afro Puffs (1994):



Get With Da Wickedness (1997):



Sho Shot (1997):





Yo! MTV Raps Interview with Fab Five Freddy, 1994: