"y'all scratching the surface while I'm breaking glass"    (Looking Back)

english (Los Angeles, California)
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From The Art (2012):

1. Do You

2. What I Do

3. Staring Problem

4. Clarity

5. Stepoff

6. Set It

7. Make My Move ft. Fawksie

8. Let It Go ft. Dye

9. Hour Glass

10. No Worries ft. Destruct

11. Blown Away ft. Raw Legit

12. Survive

13. Why Don’t You Do Right

14. To The Feeling

15. Soul Fire



Habit That You Blame (in part re-release of a 2009 project;  2013):

1. Habit That You Blame

2. Relentless

3. Walking Down the Street

4. Smoots

5. Take For Granted ft. Destruct & Isa

6. All By Myself ft. Top Time

7. 007 ft. Destruct

8. Old Soul

9. Hectic ft. Mine+Us

10. In My Dreams



Modest Confidence (2014):

1. Modest Confidence

2. All Too Well

3. Bigger Picture

4. Search and Destroy

5. Forward Back

6. Things We Couldn’t Mention

7. Guilty Pleasure

8. Cheaters

9. New Space

10. G.O.D.

11. Take Over

12. Cuz It Look Like Skit

13. Too Cold To Trust



Make Up For Your Breakup (2015):

1. Tutorial

2. What’s the Plan

3. Tell You How

4. Black Cherry Koolaid

5. Yall Ain’t Shit

6. Wear Heels With Me

7. Friendzone

8. Take It There

9. Sad Grl

10. Soulful

11. Ungrateful Humans

12. My Bad

13. Right Now



(with DJ Hoppa) Why Wait (2016):

1. Why Wait

2. Play The Villain

3. No Backpacks

4. La La

5. Stoner Love ft. Demrick

6. Will It Be Too Late

7. Let Me Tell You

8. One Way To Go

9. Where The Real Ones Go

10. All I Know ft. Dale Spolett




What I Do (2012):



Hour Glass (with some 2009 live footage; 2012):



Clarity / To The Feeling (September 2012):



Why Don’t You Do Right (September 2012):



(with Organized Threat: Poetic Death, Yarah Bravo, Ricki Stricker & Soulcat E5)

For The Moment (2013):



All Too Well (spring 2013):



Guilty Pleasure (fall 2013):



Forward Back (spring 2014):



Black Cherry Koolaid (September 2015):



Sad GRL (October 2015):



(features Doug D) I See You (November 2015):



One Way To Go (Apr 2016):



No Backpacks (May 2016):



(features LMK with Reverie) See Dem Out (Summer SixTeen):



Play The Villain (Fall 2016):



We On (January 2017):



Calling (March 2017):



Pass That (June 2017):



Thankful (November 2017):



Lit Up (Dec 2017):



(with Reverie & Vel The Wonder) Looking Back (March 2018):


Headspace (Summer 2018):



(featuring Olivia) Needs (August 2018):



(with Reverie) Bout It Bout It (Oct 2018):



(features Demrick) OJ (Nov 2018):





freestyle, live & else:


TCE Mic Check – Tell You How (Fall 2014):



Rhyme Fest LA Cypher with Oh Blimey, Gav, Nat The Lioness & Vel The Wonder

(off The Cypher Effect #3, April 2014):



The Cypher Effect with Okwerdz, Timothy Delaghtto aka Traphik, Dizaster, Gav & Mistah FAB (April 2014): youtube.com/watch?v=0ELi3kmkcZ4


(with JMega, Poetic Death, Gav, Vida Kills & Papa J) The Cypher Effect: Organized Threat (2012): youtube.com/watch?v=ZPXdCxVMMwU


„She’s dope, and she’s a grinder.“ watch and listen to Underground Hip Hop Blog’s Pawz One and Gavlyn discussing actual music, how to use a voice and production backgrounds, 2012:



„Assumptions are one of the most unhealthy things that someone could have“ Low Cali Hip Hop, S1E1, interview and bars with Gav and Oh Blimey, Venice Beach, 2014:




Live Behind Bars – EP 5 with Gav, Aug/Jul 2016: