Mad Muasel
español (Bilbao, España)
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Mad Muasel is based in Bilbao, an industrial harbour city, northern Spain coast: Women Powah calls beyond the oceans shouting out the names of Missy Elliott, Foxy Brown, Lexie Lee, Lady Chann and Ms Dynamite. It’s about paying respect and about making sure we understand which legacy she’s gonna follow up. I’d say: good taste, good choice. And: love the music.


Ohlala (street album, 2010):

1. Intro

2. Muévelo

3. Dirty Dansall ft. Manny Lion & JML

4. Tas Tas ft. Novato

5. Badman ft. Chete & Mulata

6. Ladies ft. La Niña & Olaia

7. Traemos Arte ft. Aniki

8. Cirugia

9. Memo

10. Comediante

11. Quiero Volar

12. PC

13. PC Remix

14.- Outro ft. Mufasa King



Bomba Acida (2012):

1. Real

2. Money

3. Solo Yo

4. Tú Qué Escondes

5. Buscando Boca

6. Face To Face

7. Mad Contact

8. Galán ft. Gemstone

9. Lirical Warrior

10. A Ella Le Gusta Bailar

11. A Ella Le Gusta Bailar (Reggae Version)



Mad Contact (junio 2012):–vwvhjRl4


Si Yo Te Contara (enero 2014):