"This ain't no girl power but mad skills / we run this!"

MC Melodee
english/dutch (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
www.mcmelodee.com damdutchess.com  
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Amsterdam 2004: two-membered homegrown hiphop crew La Melodia steps out with their debut twelve inch vinyl “Dough/For You”. A couple of years later the twenty-title strong album Vibing High turns up via Handcuts Records in Japan, lead by singles Time and Worldwide Connect ft. Roc C. In those early days, MC Melodee and producer I.N.T. already shape the distinct sound of their project, they later call by the name of ’sexy HipHop‘: smooth and pleasant, classic rhythms, rich in sound details, „that feelgoodshit“.


I don’t know how I first stumbled over it: Come And Get It (later published on Electronic Love) triggered this certain vibration in my chest and lower from the first time I listened to it and never lost it’s effect (on my playlist over four years …). It also gave me the impression of an MC who shows that she knows about gendered performances of power and struggles in relationships and sexuality, without explicitly naming the issue. Thats how I got to know about MC Melodee.


Due to her participation in the European Diversidad project (see her collab with Mariama and Remi in the music video section below) MC Melodee came to know Valencia based production duo Cookin‘ Soul. They built a strong and intense work-relationship with the result of several remixes, the mixtape Check Out Melodee, co-produced by Whoo Kid (see his contribution to Lady Leshurr’s come up…) and the recent album My Tape Deck (via Jakarta, 2013). Also only recently she proved that she didn’t leave her friend and longterm bandmate I.N.T. behind over her work with the spanish fellows: Check out the newest single of La Melodia – Spaced Out.


What is more, MC Melodee serves as the director of the Dam Dutches project, a peer-education initiative to support and strengthen girls and women in the HipHop/music industry in the Netherlands.


I’d say: Melodee/La Melodia is solid, decent, unique and very positive: appreciated.



(with La Melodia) Dough / For You (12″, 2004)

(with Oh No, Pete Philly & Roc C) Smashin’Em (12″, 2005)


(with La Melodia) Vibing High (2006):

1. All The Way Live

2. Unity

3. Time

4. Keep It On

5. Fell In Love

6. Bad Thoughts

7. Worldwide Connect ft Roc C

8. A Part Of Me

9. Dough

10. Vibing High

11. Desire

12. Choise U Make ft Gia Mellish

13. Get Ready For This

14. My Word

15. The South

16. Unity Reprise

17. Share

18. Heads Up

19. Sugar For Me

20. Vibing High (Outro)



(features Shin-Ski) Peace of Mind (2007)

(featuring Gia Mellish) Can’t Live Without (10″, 2007)

(with Mariama & Remi) I Got It (2010)


(with La Melodia) Electronic Love (2010):

source: lamelodia.bandcamp.com/album/electronic-love

about and teaser: youtube.com/watch?v=sFzHhHbpOwM


1. Electronic Love

2. Come And Get It

3. Give It Up

4. Friend For Live

5. Feels So Good

6. Sounds Of The City

7. Love Games



Check Out Melodee (mxtp with Cookin‘ Soul & Whoo Kid, may 2012):


01. Whoo Kid Intro

02. Check Out Melodee

03. Dont Front

04. Rock N iT feat. Feliciana (prod. Chuck Inglish)

05. Genius feat. Mac Miller

06. Junkie Luv (prod. Chuck Inglish)

07. I Dont Care

08. Skinny Bitch (prod. Griffi)

09. Gotta Get Away

10. ChaChaCha

11. Here We Come feat. Smif n Wessun

12. You’re History (prod. OhNo)

13. Give it Up (Cookin Soul remix) by La Melodia

14. Yes Yes Yo feat. Chuuwee

15. Whoo Kid skit

16. HIP-HOP (My beloved) feat. Mucho Muchacho


(with La Melodia) Spaced Out (2012)


(with Cookin‘ Soul) My Tape Deck (2013):


01. Intro

02. Ain’t My Style

03. Think Twice

04. Exhale

05. Real MC’s skit

06. Don’t Front Remix

07. Firstborn feat. The Pharcyde & Feliciana

08. Night Life feat. Fiend

09. Games You Play

10. Balance

11. Up in The Clouds



In My Zone EP (spring 2014):


1. Spectacular

2. In My Zone ft. Feliciana

3. Do My Thang

4. Ice Cold

5. Be About It ft. Feliciana



Coolin‘ EP (summer 2014):


1. Naked City ft. AG

2. Terrible Thing to Waste

3. L.A. Drive

4. Bread n Butter

5. Stay the Same ft. Feliciana



Crunch Time EP (fall 2014):


1. Discodip

2. Don’t Get It Twisted

3. State of Mind ft. Feliciana and D-Luzion

4. Fadin Lights

5. Bad News



(with La Melodia) Time (2006/7):



(with La Melodia featuring Roc C) Worldwide Connect (2007):



(with La Melodia) Give It Up (2010):



(with Mariama & Remi) I Got It (december 2010):



(with La Melodia) Come And Get It (Live Edit, SXSW 2010):



(with La Melodia) Electronic Love (Live Edit, 2010/11):



(with La Melodia) Feel So Good (Live Edit, 2010/11):



(with Cookin Soul) Check Out Melodee (2011):



(with Cookin Soul) Cha Cha Cha (2011):



(with Cookin Soul) Up In The Clouds (2011):



(with Cookin Soul featuring Mac Miller) Genius (february 2012):



(with Cookin Soul) I Don’t Care (march 2012):



(with Cookin Soul) Gotta Get Away (may 2012):



(with Chuck Inglish featuring Feliciana) Rock N It (june 2012):



(with Cookin Soul) Don’t Front (september 2012):



(with La Melodia) Spaced Out (2012):



(features Flavio Rodriguez and Quiroga) Somos Salvajes (october 2012):



(with Cookin Soul) Ain’t My Style (january 2013):



(with Cookin Soul) Exhale (march 2013):



(with Cookin Soul) Think Twice (may 2013):



(with Dam Dutchess: RBBP, D-Luzion, Feliciana, Alexa, Shedney Ruffin & Donna Lugassy)

Mash Up (dec 2013): vimeo.com/81438310


Spectacular (february 2014):



(featuring AG of D.I.T.C.) Naked City (June 2014):



DiscoDip (November 2014):



(features FAM and the Dam Dutchess with Etzia, Kristin Amparo, Cleo, Shedney Ruffin, Sabina Ddumba, Feliciana, RBBP, D-Luzion, Neyney)

Rock With It (November 2014):



Terrible Thing to Waste (April 2015):



Place Is Lit (2016):



Up & Down (2016):




freestyle, live & else:


MC Melodee & DJ Easy D live at Raumschiff in Linz, February 22, 2014:



wintersession at 101Barz Studio Sessies (jan/feb 2013):



BBC Wold Service’s – The Conversation, presented by Kim Chakanetsa, is a format where two women from different places in the world who are engaged with the same profession get to talk about their experiences and ask each other questions. Listen to MC Melodee meeting DJ Naida, an MC from Harare Zimbabwe, duscussing their experiences and strategies as women MCs (February 2015): bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02j48by?ocid=socialflow_twitter


DefinicjaTV interviews Melodee on Hip Hop Kemp 2014, talking the Dam Dutchess project, her shows and crowd in Poland, and her way of working on music and doing cooperations. youtube.com/watch?v=cKHsxGMoZSU&list=UU1uEk_zw-lzw-7GizlklPQA


sweeet 120 second interview on the artists‘ backgrounds and introduction to their music by New York Friends We Love production, 2009:



an extensive blog-interview, 2008:



Interview with La Melodia in the early/DIY issue 1 of Anattitude Magazine 2005 (page 3-7):