"I am the mother to the new era!" ... "The one kid you can't teach."

Reema Major
english / Arabic (Kansas City, USA / Toronto, Canada)

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Not every girl in the streets has a freestyling cousin to look up to as a rolemodel, and go like, ‚If she can rap, I can do that too!‘. This is the beautiful story Reema Major recalls as her initiation and inspiration to become a rapper.


Pretty young and hyped: Reema Major seems to be extra eloquent and amazingly confident. She speaks Arabic, English and a Sudanese Tribal Tongue as first/native languages, though rap seems to be her mother tongue. Born in South Sudan, 1995, she and her family came to North-America as refugees by the end of last century…. Since then she hung out in the hood, obviously with a boom box and the right people.


2010 Reema featured the BET Cypher, 2013 she looks back on three mixtapes and a tour with Waka Flocka who eventually cosigned the G7/Universal/Interscope MC.


Reema is known and admired for her ‚make something out of nothing ghetto-style‘ fashion creations she’s wearing (‚doesn’t matter where you bought it, as long as you know how to rock it‘) and – she doesn’t miss to accentuate her faith in god. Wa aleikum selam, and bring that album forward!   | update: LegenDiary is due 2017.



Youngest in Charge (mxtp, 2009):



15 Going On 25 (mxtp, January 2010):


1. If I Ruled The World

2. C.R.E.A.M

3. Hard Knock Life

4. Party Bullsh_t

5. Hell On Earth

6. Shook Ones

7. Just A Friend

8. Peter Piper

9. Push It

10. Put It On

11. Full Clip

12. Stan


I Am Legend (mxtp, 2011):


1. I am legend

2. Illest Kid

3. I’m The One

4. Ghetto Kids

5. The Light

6. The Struggle

7. 24 K

8. These Streets

9. Easy Livin‘

10. Father

11. Chucky Doll

12. Double Time

13. In This Life

14. Let There Be Light

15. Downtown Life

16. Do It Big



Ghetto Kids (may 2011):



Father (may 2011):



(features JJ Money) Swaggberry, official version (may 2011):



I Am Legend (july 2011):



I’m The One (september 2011):



Double Time (december 2011):



In This LIfe (2012):



AK47 (lyric video, Spring 2017):




freestyle, live & else:

(with Laws and Nick Javas) BET Cypher Session 2010:


(with G7 Allstars) This Christmas (dec 2010):



freestyle on Toronto’s Royalty Radio (2010):



(with JJ Money) Swaggberry – hood version (2010):



introducing RM: in These Streets (july 2011):



The Boss Lady Interview, august 2012:



Interview on torontorappers.com, 2010:



„I am the product of my experience, not the duration of time I spent on earth“ RM recalls her early way into the industry in a Stolen From Africa interview, 2010: