"And when you find the perfect honey let her know that you were born to build relationships / where education and enlightment dominate." (Born to B.R.E.E.D.)

Monie Love
english (London/Miami)
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The former rapstar, first hailing from UK, is still active as a Hip Hop activist, who currently is hosting the ‚Ladies First‘ showcase in Miami, a network/show to support females in HipHop. „I’m all for my girls! Ladies First, that wasn’t just a song for me, it really was dear to my heart. Like, Latifah will tell you, that song wasn’t a joke for us. We really meant that and we still live that philosophy till this day – Ladies First!“ (interview quote, 2011)



I Can Do This (1988)

(featuring Afrika Bambaata) Grandpa’s Party (1989)

(featuring Queen Latifah) Ladies First (1989)

Monie vs. Adeva – Ring My Bell (1990)

Work It Out (1991)

Never Give Up (1993)

(features Cunnie Williams) Saturday (1999)

Slice Of Da Pie (2000)





Down to Earth (1990):

1. Monie In The Middle

2. It’s A Shame (My Sister)

3. Don’t Funk Wid The Mo

4. Ring My Bell

5. R U Single

6. Just Don’t Give A Damn

7. What I’m Supposed 2 B

8. Dettrimentally Stable

9. Down 2 Earth

10. I Do As I Please

11. Pups Lickin‘ Bone

12. Read Between The Lines

13. Race Against Reality

14. Swiney Swiney

15. Give It 2 U Like This

16. I Can Do This (Uptown Mix)

17. I’m Driving You Crazy

18. Grandpa’s Party (Love II Love Remix)



In A Word Or 2 (1993):

1. Wheel Of Fortune

2. Greasy

3. Sex U All

4. Mo’Monie

5. I’m A Believer

6. Let A Woman B A Woman

7. Full Term Love

8. Born To B.R.E.E.D.

9. In A Word Or 2

10. There’s A Better Way

11. 4 Da Children

12. Born 2 B.R.E.E.D. (Hip-Hop Mix)



(features Queen Latifah) Ladies First (1989):



Monie vs. Adeva – Ring My Bell (1990):



It’s a Shame (1990):



Monie In The Middle (1990):



Born to B.R.E.E.D. (1993):



Full Term Love (Club Mix Edit, 1992)



Born 2 B.R.E.E.D. (Remix) (1993):





1990 Interview in proper bri’ish accent and with a little Ice T on top:



street interview @ whereitsatTV with Derren Lawford, 2001:



True Hip Hop Story: Monie Love, presented by D-Nice, 2009:



short doc on Monie Love at work as a radio DJ @ Power 99 fm Philadelphia (undated):



Where My Girls At: her-story n Hip Hop #4, Monie Love, 2011:



Monie on Words an language, in a speech she performs and where she discusses her craft at O, Miami’s panel discussion of Yale UP’s The Anthology of Rap, April 28, 2011:



Interview @ socialmedia for entertainment pt. I, 2011:



Interview @ socialmedia for entertainment pt. II, 2011: