"It's a man's world... Nah, It's my world too!"

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„Growing up I was touched by every, every female MC that has ever touched the stage.“

Rapsody is a member of the North Carolina rap crew Kooley High. Also she’s quite productive as a solo artist and – after bringing out several mxtps and free EPs – only recently released her Album Beauty and the Beast in 2014, another production closely worked out with producer 9th Wonder.





Return Of The B-Girl (mxtp, December 2010):

1. The Intro (prod. 9th Wonder)

2. 1983 (prod by Ka$h for The Soul Council)

3. Win ft Rah Digga (prod by Amp for The Soul Council)

4. Im Ready ft Heather Victoria (prod by DJ Premier)

5. Blankin‘ Out ft Mac Miller (prod by Khrysis for The Soul Council)

6. Cherry Red Hot (prod by 9th Wonder)

7. Little Things ft Phil-Ade (prod by 9th Wonder)

8. Return of the B-Girl [Mara Jade] (prod by Khrysis for The Soul Council)

9. Love Tonight ft Sundown (prod by Eric G for The Soul Council)

10. U Sparklin‘ (prod by 9th Wonder)

11. Make It After All (prod by 9th Wonder)

12. Make Me Say ft Heather Victoria (prod by 9th Wonder)

13. Hoop Dreams to Rap Dreams ft King Mez & Skyzoo (prod by E. Jones for The Soul Council)

14. Cipher Kid ft Big Remo (prod by 9th Wonder)

15. No More Trouble ft Enigma, Halo & Sean Boog (prod by 9th Wonder)

16. Angel ft Laws (prod by 9th Wonder)

17. Young, Black with a Gift ft Big Daddy Kane (prod by 9th Wonder)

18. Little Things Remix ft Heather Victoria & Thee Tom Hardy (prod by 9th Wonder)

19. Honda Accord Music Remix ft Thee Tom Hardy & Skyzoo (prod by 9th Wonder)

20. My Melo, My Man ft TP (prod by 9th Wonder)


Thank H.E.R. Now (Culture Over Everything) (June 2011):

1. Thank You Pioneers

2. Thank H.E.R. Now (prod by 9th Wonder)

3. Lemme Think (prod by 9th Wonder)

4. Black Girl Jedi ft Heather Victoria

5. Top Five ft King Mez & Laws (prod by Amp for The Soul Council)

6. Sweetest Hangover (prod by E. Jones for The Soul Council)

7. Out Tha Trunk (prod by Amp for The Soul Council)

8. Lampin‘ (prod by Eric G. for The Soul Council)

9. One Time ft Tab-One, Charlie Smarts & Phonte

10. Extra Extra ft Mac Miller & Halo (prod by Khrysis for The Soul Council)

11. Fly Girl Power! ft Estelle

12. Blankin‘ Out Remix ft Jean Grae

13. Sky Fallin‘ [My Mind] (prod by 9th Wonder)

14. Love, Peace & Soul ft Tyler Woods (prod by Ka$h for The Soul Council)

15. Baby Yeah! ft Marsha Ambrosius (prod by 9th Wonder)

16. So Be It ft Big K.R.I.T. (prod by 9th Wonder)

17. Black Diamond ft Raekwon (prod by 9th Wonder)

18. H.E.R. Throne (prod by Nottz)

19. Star Warz ft Murs & Sundown (prod by Vitamin D)

20. The State of the Union (prod by Eric G. for The Soul Council)


For Everything (November 2011):

1. Pace Myself (prod by 9th Wonder)

2. The Autobiography of M. Evans (prod by 9th Wonder)

3. A Crush Groove (prod by 9th Wonder)

4. The Woman’s Work (prod by 9th Wonder)

5. For Everything (prod by Khrysis for The Soul Council)

6. Ain’t Worthy ft GQ (prod by Amp for The Soul Council)

7. 4:20 PM (prod by Khrysis for The Soul Council)

8. Jamla Girls and Jamla Boys (prod by 9th Wonder)

9. ABC/Guilty (prod by Eric G. for The Soul Council)

10. A Cold Winter ft Freeway (prod by Amp for The Soul Council)

11. All Black Everything (prod by Eric G for The Soul Council)

12. Live It Up ft Bluu Suede (prod by Khrysis for The Soul Council)

13. Rock The Bells ft Kendrick Lamar (prod by Khrysis for The Soul Council)

14. Dear Friends (prod by 9th Wonder)


The Black Mamba EP (2012):

1. Shining Moment ft Bluu Suede (prod by Eric G of The Soul Council)

2. Right Now (prod by 9th Wonder for The Soul Council)

3. Leave Me ‚Lone (prod by 9th Wonder for The Soul Council)

4. Legends of the Fall (prod by Eric G for The Soul Council)

5. Ballin‘ Hot ft Tab-One of Kooley High (prod by Khrysis for The Soul Council)

6. Respect Due (prod by 9th Wonder for The Soul Council)

7. With You (prod by 9th Wonder for The Soul Council)



The Idea of Beautiful (2012):

1. Motivation ft Big Rube

2. How Does It Feel ft Rocki Evans

3. Precious Wings

4. Believe Me

5. Non-Fiction ft Raheem DeVaughn & Ab-Soul

6. In The Drums ft Heather Victoria

7. Kind of Love ft Nomsa Mazwai

8. Celebrate

9. Destiny

10. Good Good Love ft BJ The Chicago Kid

11. In The Town ft Nomsa Mazwai

12. Round Table Discussion ft Mac Miller & The Cool Kids

13. The Cards ft Big Remo

14. Come Home ft Rocki Evans

15. When I Have You ft Nomsa Mazwai

Bonus Track. Believe Me (HaHaHaHa Remix)



She Got Game (mxtp, 2013):

1. A Song About Nothing

2. Coconut Oil ft. Reakwon & Mela Machinko

3. Thank You Very Much

4. Lonely Thoughts ft. Chance The Rapper & Big K.R.I.T

5. Caught Up ft. Raheem Devaughn

6. Generation ft. Mac Miller & Jared Evan

7. Special Way

8. Dark Knights

9. My Song ft. Mela Machinko

10. Complacent ft. Problem

11. Love After All ft. Gwen Bunn

12. Kingship

13. Feel Like (Love Love)

14. Never Fail

15. Never Know ft. Nipsey Hussle, Ab-Soul & Terrace Martin

16. Jedi Code ft. Phonte & Jay Electronica



Beauty and the Beast (2014):

1. Feel It

2. Who Am I

3. Hard To Choose

4. Drama

5. Waiting On It (Baby Girl)

6. The World

7. Godzilla

8. The Man

9. Coming For You

10. Forgive Me



Crown EP ( 2016):

1. Crown

2. Gonna Miss You ft. Raphael Saadiq

3. Tina Turner

4. #Goals

5. Mad

6. Take it Slow

7. Through with Him

8. 2AM ft. Ab-Soul

9. OooWee ft. Anderson Paak

10. Fire ft. Moonchild



Laila’s Wisdom (2017):

1. Laila’s Wisdom

2. Power ft. Kendrick Lamar and Lance Skiiiwalker

3. Chrome (Like Oooh)

4. Pay Up

5. Ridin‘ ft. GQ

6. Sassy

7. Nobody ft. Anderson Paak, Black Thought & Moonchild

8. Black & Ugly ft. BJ The Chicago Kid

9. You Should Know ft. Busta Rhymes

10. A Rollercoster Jam Called Love ft. Musiq Soulchild and Gwen Bunn

11. U Used 2 Love Me ft. Terrace Martin

12. Knock On My Door ft. BJ The Chicago Kid

13. OooWee ft. Anderson Paak

14. Jesus Coming ft. Amber Navran





(features Actual Proof ft. 9thmatic/Kooley High) Many Microphones (August 2010):



Honda Accord Music (October 2010):



Imagination (November 2010):



(features Heather Victoria) I’ll Allways Be Down (November 2010):



Honda Accord Music (Remix, December 2010):



(Kooley High) All Day (March 2011):



Black Girl Jedi (June 2011):



(featuring Mac Miller) Extra Extra (April 2011):



Lampin‘ (August 2011):



ABC (December 2011) :



A Crush Groove (November 2011):



All Black Everything (November 2011):



Shining Moment (March 2012):



(features Big Remo) I’m Back (2012):



Believe Me (2012):



Kind Of Love (October 2012):



(with Heather Victoria & The Soul Council) The Drums (2014):



Dark Knights (2013):



Betty Shabazz // Illuminaughty (2014):



Drama (2014):



(with Boog Brown & Stacy Epps) Pum Ya Breaks (2015):



Godzilla (2015):



Hard To Choose (2015):



(featuring Kendrick Lamar & Lance Skiiiwalker) Power (October 2017):





Live & Freestyles:


Rock Like You Know, Live (2010):



A Million an One Questions, Live (2010):





9th Wonder Presents Rapsody (2010):



Rapsody giving a state of the art interview, deepening the discourse on colors & complexion, collaboration and backgrounds at the Hot 97 morning show, spring 2015: