"I break rules like white boys in courtrooms" (True Mastery)

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Sa-Roc’s music production is probably best described with ‚abundant‘. As she contributes since 2002 there is about 10 longplayers, mixtapes and albums, that are all distributed via her website. I don’t feel like listing them all here for different reasons so let me start with her more serious releases that came through over the last five years:



Ether Warz (2011):

1. War of the Gods ft. Afrika Bambaataa

2. The Moors of Alhambra

3. Sun Tzu

4. Rain and Sunshine ft. Rasheeda Ali & Poodie The Byz

5. Them Vimana Jets

6. Queen’s Philosophy

7. Fear is the Mind Killer

8. Black Moses

9. 711 A.D. ft. Born On The Horn

10. Pretty Prison ft. Poodie The Byz

11. Darkside of the Moon

12. Solar Commander

13. Chi High Sword Low (Mantra)

14. Fire, Wind then Earth

15. Samurai Soliloquy ft. Skinny Deville

16. Sun Eaterz

17. Flawless

18. Prime Divine

19. Up There ft. Jeff B

20. Minister Server Speaks ft. Minister Server

21. Ether Warz



Nebuchadnezzar (2014):

1. ISFET (chaos)

2. Black Magic

3. Maximum Frequency

4. Her Legacy ft. Anthony David

5. The Who ft. David Banner

6. Lost Sunz

7. Nebuchadnezzar

8. Assassin’s Sound

9. Persian Splendor

10. Legendary

11. We Can All Fly

12. Code Of Hammurabi

13. True Mastery

14. Indigo Child ft. Drea D’Nur

15. Triangle Offensive ft. Narubi Selah

16. Lyrical Manifesto

17. The Holy Tablets ft. Wise Intelligent & Quadir Lateef

18. MAAT (Balance)

19. H.A.R.D.

20. The Anthem

21. MUUR ft. Methuzulah



The Legend of Black Moses (mxtp, 2015):

1. (Sa-Roc x Kanye West) The Legend of Black Moses

2. (Sa-Roc x Jay Electronica) Road to Perdition

3. (Sa-Roc x Meek Mill) Burn

4. (Sa-Roc x J. Cole) Fire Squad

5. (Sa-Roc x Jay-Z) Biko Baby

6. (Sa-Roc x Madlib x Alchimist) Mommas Black Magic

7. (Sa-Roc x D’Angelo x The Vanguard) Till It’s Done

8. (Sa-Roc x David Banner x Ernestine Johnson) Evil Knievel

9. (Sa-Roc x School Boy Q) Break the Bank

10. (Sa-Roc x Madlib) Fallin‘

11. (Sa-Roc x Prhyme) Courtesy

12. (Sa-Roc x Jay-Z) FUTW

13. (Sa-Roc x Flying Lotus) Between Friends

14. (Sa-Roc x Pusha T) Non-Stalgia

15. (Sa-Roc x ASAP Rocky) G Train

16. (Sa-Roc x Jay-Z) Open Letter

17. (Sa-Roc x Jay Electronica) Queendom

18. (Sa-Roc x Drake) Pound Cake

19. (Sa-Roc x Outcast) DC x ATLiens

20. (Sa-Roc x Biggie) DC x Brooklyn

21. (Sa-Roc x Big Sean) Last Chain



Metamorpheus EP (2016):

1. The Reckoning

2. Cthulhu’s Revenge

3. Eye of the Phoenix

4. MetaMorpheus

5. Red Dawn



Code of Hammurabi (2013):



True Mastery (2014, check the Dynasty cameo):



(with Mikeflo) 24K (Jan 2014):



(with Lil‘ John Roberts & Sol Messiah) Get Right (April 2014):



Maximum Frequency (Sep 2014):



MetaMorpheus (late Summer Sixteen):



The Reckoning (2017):




Forever (early 2018):



Goddess Gang (Oct 2018):




freestyle, live & else:


apparently something went wrong with the footage with the result of Roc’s episode on Spittin‘ In Da Wip getting lost in 2012 and found four years later. 68 seconds worth the verses:



Sa-Roc and Dynasty live in Paris (Oct 2018):






„Unplugging people from illusion“ In this 2013 interview with ATL HipHop, Sa-Roc shares her impression of the state of „female emcees“ and of what is going wrong. She also goes behind the scenes by explaining the title of her upcoming album Nebuchadnezzar: That name – borrowed from the spaceship of the movie The Matrix and representing the place where people get, well, „unplugged“ – reflects her aspiration to transcend „mundane reality“: