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Sultana spent her youth in New York. Her first album Çerkez Kızı (Cherkess Girl) was produced in the states, but provoked a harsh statement from the media authorities in her homeland, Turkey, for being sexually explicit, which resulted in a ban of the clip from local TV programms. In an interview she stated: „The song is a tribute to women in Turkey who are victims of abuse… If I had presented myself as a sex object in that clip or if I had taken off my clothes, the video wouldn’t have been banned.“

That was in 2000. Meanwhile she left the US for Turkey, spent some time in Berlin, got acquainted with Berlin rapper Aziza A. and released her second album Şöhret Yolu (The Road to Success) in 2008, featured by Suikast, Fresh B and Aziza A. In the Istanbul rap scene she’s still mentioned as one of those to be recognized, though after 2008 nothing much was heard from her…


Çerkez Kızı (2000):

1. Intro

2. Çerkez Kızı

3. Big City

4. Interlude

5. Filo Sepet

6. Kaymak

7. Interlude

8. Hadi Hadi Git İşine

9. Kuşu Kalkmaz

10. Hümanizm

11. Interlude

12. Hatırladın mı?

13. Interlude

14. Pek Yaman

15. Patron

16. Melo Outro



Şöhret Yolu (2008):

1. Intro

2. Şöhret Yolu (Suikast ile)

3. Dibidik

4. Taklaya Geldin (Aziza A. ile)

5. Interlude

6. Petroil

7. Söz Veriyorum (Fresh B. ile)

8. Vahşi Doğu

9. Interlude

10. Önsöz

11. Ben de İstiom

12. N’apsam?

13. Interlude

14. Belki

15. 360 (Suikast ile)



Kuşu Kalkmaz (2000):


(featuring Aziza A.) Taklaya Geldin (2008):


Dibidik (2008):


Bende Istiyom (2008):



Hurriyet – Daily News:“Naughty Turk Rapper Aims Not to Back Down“ (august 2008):


Sultana HipHopLife Röportaj (2009):