"and when I say Bitch I don't mean slut / I mean / Being In Total Control of Herself" (The B Word)

Tairrie B
english (Los Angeles, California)
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Tairrie B is known today as the voice of a heavy metal group named My Ruin. But for the length of a recognized album – Power of a Woman – , and one unreleased – Single White Female – she was signed with Ruthless Records and was the ‚protégé‘ of Los Angeles based NWA’s Eazy E. Being embedded in that network she counts features of Dr. Dre, Eazy E and The D.O.C. on her first record.

So, Iggy Azalea isn’t the first white female from the South… and after all – will the at|tribute ‚first‘ already and finally be dismissed from the discourse of women who rap!?!? pls. ‚cos it doesn’t help much. thnx.



The Power of a Woman (1990):

1. Swingin‘ Wit‘ „T“

2. Anything You Want ft Eazy E.

3. Vinnie Tha‘ Moocha ft. Everlast

4. Step 2 This

5. Murder She Wrote

6. Packin‘ A Bunch

7. Let The Beat Rock

8. Player ft. Eazy E., Dr. Dre and The D.O.C.

9. Schooll’s In

10. Ruthless Bitch



Single White Female (recorded 1991-1993, released 2010):


1. The B Word

2. Single White Female

3. Rhythm Method

4. Ain’t Nothin‘ Personal

5. Pull Up To Tha Bumper

6. Let’s Get Funky

7. Necessary Roughness

8. Respect Yourself

9. Give The Beat A Break

10. Fever

11. The Godmother

12. Rhmyin‘ With A Devil

13. SLIT (bonus track)









Swingin‘ Wit‘ „T“ (1990):



Murder She Wrote (1990):




freestyle, live & else:


Nia Peeples introduces Tairrie as „Tonight’s special guest is so strong. She has made a place for herself in the male dominated world of rap. … This woman claims to Be.In.Total.Control.of Herself.“, Tairrie B performs at The Party Machine, a television show on Fox TV, 1990:

part 1, Murder She Wrote: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyoIKzEZR8Y

part 2, Swingin‘ Wit‘ „T“: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNMRbU00ktA




Interview with Tairrie B and Eazy E. for the Slammin‘ Rap Video Magazine (Vol. 2, 1991):



Tairrie B interviews Schoolly D for the Slammin‘ Rap Video Magazine (Vol. 3, 1991):