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When Sparky D recalls her time as an MC (late 1970s until 1989) in a high-quality interview with the Anattitude Magazine in 2008, she drops names like Lisa Lee, Sha-Rock, Debby Dee and Roxanne Shanté. We also hear about all-girl crews like the „Us Girls“, and how they battled „The Playgirls“ in a venue that is called the Roxy in Manhattan. The Playgirls are Sparky D’s crew that she rocked together wich City Slim and Mo Ski before they split 1985.

I think the word legendary is right here. Of course it’s stories. But still – It is amazing how Sparky D remembers that time by talking about all the girls and women she knew back then…


The 1980s are known as the golden age of HipHop. But they’re also known as the time, when the drug crack took over entire communities in the larger cities of the United States. The culture and it’s socio-economic surroundings are closely linked in the case of HipHop. And crack, as a drug, but also as a symbol of ghettoization did play a big role in it. Sparky D was victmized by that drug only shortly after her first album was released. This caused a tragic and sudden end to something promising…


Today we know that Sparky D survived the addiction and other hardships that came with it, like severe domestic violence. Since her recovery she is engaged in Christian social work, still friends with her former producer and father of her kids, Spyder D and her name is still known as having had a huge impact back then…


(with the Playgirls) Our Picture of a Man (12“, 1984)


Sparky’s Turn (Roxanne You’re Through) (1985)


Roxanne Shanté vs Sparky D – The Battle Round One (this is a life recorded freestyle battle; 7“, 1985)


(featuring Red Alert) She’s So Def/He’s My DJ (12“, 1985)


Sparky D vs The Playgirls – The Battle (12“, 1985)


Don’t Make Me Laugh (12“, 1986)


(featuring Grand Creator K-Wiz) Feel The Strength (12“, 1988)



Sparky D’s World (1988):

1. Never Ran, Never Will (Acapella)

2. Grand Creator K-Wiz, Best In The Biz

3. This Is Sparky D’s World

4. I Can’t Stop

5. Changes (In Love)

6. Yankee Boy

7. I Want You Back

8. Punk Rock Rap

9. Klepto-Man-Iac

10. Throwdown

11. Sparky’s Back




Veeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrry rich Interview with Sparky D, maybe the best interviews since her rap career in the late 1980s. Rich in background and perspectives, rich in historical information – Sparky D got involved in HipHop culture in 1976. Anattitude Magazine #3 2008, page 4 – 13, many illustrations:


Overcoming Obstacles, a short interview slash video documentary of an unknown source, undated probably around 2008: