"I'm a complicated counter culture reckless individual"

Nikki Lynette
english (Chicago, Illinois)
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Roses N‘ Guns 2 [The Rematch] (March 2011):

1. Small Wonder pt Duex

2. Shut the F Up Boy (The Declaration of Rosey Gunz)

3. My Reputation

4. The Beautiful People

5. Nobody Loves Me

6. Little Shop of Whores

7. Pick a Side ft. Dwele

8. And Your Bird Can Sing ft. I Fight Dragons

9. Crash and Burn

10. Mermaid ft. Jav June

11. Out of the Air

12. Young & Dumb ft. I Fight Dragons

13. Bird = Word 2.0

14. The Cat Lady

15. Walk Away (The emo original version)

16. Outta Line

17. Live and Let Die

18. Crossroads ft. Krayzie Bone



Shut The F Up Boy (2011):