"Trust me it's more than just text / it's my principles!" (Boom Bip)

Ruby Ibarra
english / Tagalog (San Lorenzo, California)
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Lost In Translation (mxtp, 2012):

1. Fallin Down

2. Like This

3. Boom Bip

4. Bosses (the cypher) ft. Viddy V

5. Guess Who

6. Dance (The Movement) ft. Bambu

7. Nonconceptual

8. Just Got Found ft. BRG

9. Game Up

10. Set It Off

11. You Tell Me

12. Come On Y’all ft Prometheus Brown

13. LIT



CIRCA91 (2017):

1. Brown Out

2. Here

3. Someday

4. The Other Side, Welcome

5. Roll Call (Interlude)

6. Taking Names ft. Nump Trump and Bambu

7. Playbill$

8. Curtain Call

9. Voices I (Interlude)

10. Skies

11. Background ft. Anne One

12. Broken Mirrors

13. Descent (Interlude)

14. US ft. Rocky Rivery, Klassy and Faith Santilla

15. The Realness

16. Voices II (Interlude)

17. 7000 Miles ft. Anne One

18. Bonus Track: Yuh



Game Up (2012):



(with Viddy V) San Lo Rebel (2012):



(with Kris Payne) Where They Go (2012):



Nonconceptual (2013):



Boom Bip (2013):



Fallin Down (2013):



(featuring Bambu) Dance – The Movement (2014):




Here (Feb 2018):



(featuring Rocky Rivera, Klassy & Faith Santilla) US (March 2018):





spoken word: BOW [bars of wisdom]:


Hate (2013):




freestyle, live & else:


Ruby opens this early TeamBackPackCypher with Ryan Nicole, True Jones & Krissy Blunko, 2011:



Her scnd BackPack Cypher joint, this time teamed up with Oh Blimey, Hopie & G.L.A.M., 2013:



A Cypher with Mindanao’s SLTG Rap Batikos Collaboration, 2013:



The Cypher Effect with Bonnie Blue, Nat The Lioness & Lucy Camp (2015):




in this recent Interview you’ll get to learn more about battle rap culture in the Philippines and Ibarra’s politics. On Kollaboration with Nicole Arca, April 2014 / updated March 2015:


This is a good introduction to the first pages of Ruby Ibarra’s story, by Melissa Pandika on OZY: „Ruby Ibarra, Dynamite MC„, July 2014.