"harder than erected/take you to a length further than expected/females into this thing gotta accept it!"

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LochNessMonster [It’s Not A Mystery Anymore] (mxtp 2010):


1. Intro

2. 123 Go

3. Cherk (freestyle)

4. Paper Chase

5. Smooth

6. Ride For You

7. Make Me Cry ft. A.L. & AriaElle

8. Jail Tales ft. Tanika

9. Good For A Girl

10. Sing For Him

11. Black High Heels

12. Ippa Dippa Dation

13. Work Rate

14. Lion Activity

15. Get Lifted [Comfortble]

16. Numero Uno

17. Where’s My Sister

18. Sorrow ft. Chloe Miller

19. F64: Woo freestyle bonus

20. F64: rap bonus


Featureness (mxtp, 2010/2011):


1. Introness

2. (with Ruff Diamondz, Cherri V & the UK Female Allstars) Gameover – Female Takeover

3. (features Cherri V) Let’s Stay Home

4. (features Wiley & Opium) Will Your Name Remain

5. Speaking on ‚Good 4 A Girl‘ with Urban Development

6. Good 4 A Girl

7. Turn My Swag On [freestyle]

8. Black High Heels

9. 1Xtra UKG Soung Clash Round Three (with Mz Bratt, P Money & Farmer Yardie)

10. (features A.L.) Better Me (Moving On)

11. (features NY) Need This

12. 1xtra in Aiya Napa Pool side freestlye (with Mz Bratt, Coldsteps, Slic Don & Mr M)

13. PianoNess (1Xtra on Aiya Napa)

14. The Ultimate Aiya Napa Anthem (with Neutrino, Majestic, Aggro Santos, Mr M, Mz Bratt, Slic Don & Sniper

15. (features Funky D) Are You Gonna Bang

16. (features Bianca Monet) Is It Love

17. (featuring Selah) 1Xtra WAGS Anthem

18. SplashTV Interview with Dee Gully

19. Game Over [fam Remix] (with Doctor, Zero, Drastic, Bearman & Mr D)

20. OutroNess


Roarness (mxtp, 2011):



2. Mona Lisa

3. BAD ft. A.Dot & Lady Leshurr

4. Default ft. Slic Vic

5. Shut It Down ft. Nezanet Beraki

6. Girls Talk (Skit)

7. All You Need ft. A.L.

8. Don’t Tell ME

9. All Black Winterness

10. Set The Girl ft. Ghetts

11. Floating On Clouds

12. Make It Through ft. J Warner 2


Featureness Episode 2 (mxtp, 2012):


1. (Mikey J with UK Female Allstars) Rock That Mic

2. (features Shystie & Lady Leshurr) Warning

3. (features Shae & Little Dee) Gassed

4. (features Tanya Lacey) Letter 2 My Ex Remix [Snippet]

5. (features Amirah J) I’m So Official

6. (features M.Dot E) M So Eazy

7. (featuring A.L.) Lotus Flower Bomb

8. (features Jermaine Riley) Wonder Womam

9. (features Lea-Anna, Cécile &Lady Leshurr) Murder [Remix]

10. (features Twissman & Aggro Santos) Sumo [Remix]

11. (features Messy) Standing O

12. (features Trilla) They Don’t Want It

13. (features Amlify Dot) Broken

14. (features Frisco & Lay-Z) Love Me

15. (features A.L.) Better Me

16. (features Jareth) Pathway [Snippet]

17. (features Rival & Logan Sama) Plan A

18. Mona Lisa [TC4 Remix]

19. (features Stutta, Ghetts, Lady Leshurr, Roachee & Rapid) Victory

20. (features Bianca Monet) It’s Over [Snippet]

21. (features Stutta, Mercston & Fudda Guy) No Secret



Female Allstars‘ Grab That Mic (with Fury, Quinee, Oozy, Nolay, Tug Chick, Freeza, RIA, Jaydee, Mizz Teejah, Phallon, Sly & Shortness) (2006): youtube.com/watch?v=j8USt5SGA20


Rep Your Enz south (with her former crew Mastermind Troopers ft LMan, 2008):



Ippa Dippa Dation (August 2010):



Game Over – Female Takeover with Ruff Diamondz, Amplify Dot, Envy, Cherri V, Baby Blue, RoxXxan, Mz Bratt & Lady Leshurr (December 2010): youtube.com/watch?v=ev458ENOqZY


DeepNess [Shit Happens] (2007/2011):



All Black Winterness (February 2011):



Don’t Tell Me (September 2011):



BOMB (2011):



(featuring Ghetts) Set the Girl (October 2011):


Mikey J & The UK Female Allstars – Rock That Mic (with A.Dot, Baby Blue, RoxXxan, Mz. Bratt and Lady Leshurr, February 2012): youtube.com/watch?v=WdpHkTBDZwo


(featuring A.L.) Lotus Flower Bomb (March 2012):



Floating On The Clouds (2012):



Everyting Mad (2017):



(featuring Queenie, Stush, Shystie, Lady Leshurr & Little Simz) DBT [Dead Black Ting] (May 2018):





freestyles and live:


@ Tim Westwood TV/BBC 1Xtra (April 2009):



Westwood’s 1Xtra Ladies Night with Ny, Nolay, Lady Chann, Leshurr, Lioness, Princess Nyah & Alex Mills (April 2009): youtube.com/watch?v=l_sjlmNH4J4


sb.tv (July 2009):



Grime Daily:Daily Duppy freestyle with Lady Lykes (February 2010):



sb.TV’s F64 [S1.EP39] (Feb 2010):



sb:TV’s F64 [S. EP45] (Feb 2010):



BBC Three Jail Tales (February 2010):



No Hats No Trainers: The Woo Riddim Edition (May 2010):



Flush Raw (October 2010):



Neva Soft remix and interview with Ms Dynamite, A.Dot and Lady Leshurr (September 2011):



Grime Blog:spityourgame (February 2011):



Freestyle @ AVIT UK (February 2012):




features and else:


(features Eden and Shimmer Baby) Turn My Swag On (October 2010):



(features Amirah J) I’m So Official (June 2011):



(features Aleisha Lee) Better Me (August 2011):



(features Jareth) Pathway (October 2011):



(features Rival) Plan A (November 2011):



(features Joe Grind) Abolish (September 2012):




Interview @ Urbanworld and SK Vibemaker on the meaning of Lioness: „It is about strength. She is doing everything [all the Lion does is only sleep and eat and beat]!“ and the sad pressure on females in rap to rather establish an image than become a proper lyricist. (2011): youtube.com/watch?v=t8bGGAa_Fkc


Interview @ Splash!TV on her musical past with Mastermind Troopers and future plans (may 2010):

part 1: youtube.com/watch?v=hT1bmyXClTU

part 2: youtube.com/watch?v=u12wroUxFLQ


‚Lion Activity‘ documentary by Can Antony (march 2011):

part 1: youtube.com/watch?v=o1OWCSwbDpk

part2: youtube.com/watch?v=Hyw6wnl3VE4

part3: youtube.com/watch?v=0nW1J-lO118