from the books I’ve learnt, history was a work in progress; from the market I’ve learnt, rap was a boy’s game…see: that’s history! Game over. female rap, hiphop feminism, grrrls who rap, women in hiphop…is out there as long as hip hop herself.


only: If you ask a random rap-fan, they will name you one or two, maybe five nonmale rappers. in case they’re good, they say that they don’t know about more. otherwise you hear them pretending there ain’t more. Often those few named will be rated against each other, with one ‚queen‘ to stand out – only to disqualify [rather verbally destroy] the skills and images of the others. see: It’s not a question of quantity but a question of power, of cultural agenda, desires and phantasies…of what/who is perceived being cool, hard, raw and is allowed to become real.


so, hypermasculinity and it’s projections occupy the ether, the dancefloors, the speakers, the studios, the bars, the meanings… well, while the female takeover movement is celebrating her side of the stories in UK, noboysbutrap is my contribution to a different perception of rap as an art I dearly love.


Uh, vagina monologues? yes. or rather: vulva’s lips spittin‘. Though I do by no means pretend, the ‚female‘ voice was less evil than others – as we speak with our mothers‘ tongues as much as their sons and as much as our brothers. Also we are very powerful in any aspect, good or bad. to me it’s a question of perspectivity: who’s side of the story is told and taken seriously? is amplified? [dot!]


nevertheless there is artists portrayed in this collection who represent opinios that I disapprove of or of whom I think that they are discriminating, some even politically dangerous. I am aware of that – yet they are part of the picture. Let’s take them seriously and disagree with what they say.


to all the artists: this album does not suggest to represent your artwork in every aspects and with all your facets. noboysbutrap as a webpage and blog is the result of nine years of research I’ve done so far, and yet it is not even completed. however, we decided to open the page and present it as a work in process, feeding in our knowledge successively. there is sixty more artists I have in my database and still have to incorporate. I know that this work will always be insufficient anyhow. You speak for yourself and I thank you for the powerful lyrics you shout out in the world. you’ve pushed me to get through things many times.

my idea is to share what I’ve heard and seen and what I understand from you with a broader audience. Please let me know if you feel uncomfortable with anything in your profile. Or even better: let me know if I lack important information about your work or if you’re not in my database but think you wanna be here!


…and guys: I know there is some of you, who do not deserve to be excluded here, as you never voluntarily participated in a culture of male dominance – I do apologize for the simplified frame that the strategy of noboysbutrap might suggest. Here, I wanna amplify voices, that are regularly marginalized cos others are turned up too loud. It is indeed a strategy, one chosen within alternatives that are

aiming at a dancefloor, where sexism is marginalized not females objectified; aiming at radioshows, where DJs select their music out of the whole range of rap-art; aiming at a culture, where misogynist, disempowering lyrics get openly and proudly disqualified by the majority; aiming at a production scene where girls in the studio and on the stages no longer feel like they had to prove to be ‚as good as‘ or special compared to the other btchs; aiming at a sub|culture where we get supported as to live up to our own potential. Cos we’re born to build – what? – relationships where education and enlightment dominate!


ok, before I leave you with the state of the art that is in process here, I feel the need to give some shout outs to some people who may or may not know that I owe them the fact that this project actually becomes real: first, Amanda, if it wasn’t for you who played NolayAngels and Fly in your car while we were cruising the streets of Berlin back in 2005, well maybe I wouldn’t have started listening to rap again [Shystie!]. To St*, you know what you did. I know you booked me for the first all female rap DJ gig I ever had, thanks for that and many other things. M*. Eternia. yes. RZA forever? I know in the end I have to make at least one concession to you, right. hang on, with JZ&B:B&C ’03 and Alicia in NYC we’re for real! Sookee – you made me believe in things again when they got precarious, thank you many times, also for your professional support! L*ove to Forbiddan, working so hard on my self-esteem while challenging my mindset till exhaustion – uh, what are you talking about!? and respect to the Queerfeminist Saloon Berlin – Wee rule!!!


above all the above: an extra cake goes to my beloved brother: with double chocolate fudge and cream. he by the way is responsible for the technical and aesthetic part of this project as sickboi illdesign. Actually, I kinda dedicate my work to you boy!




disclaimer: Pas a Vendre! noboysbutrap does not pursue any commercial interest. we do not intend to violate any ownership restrictions whatsoever. Our interest in the shown material is of journalistic and promotional nature only.